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Portrait Gallery 2010 Honorees

NIST Portrait Gallery 2011 Honorees    


Alan F. Clark (PML & MML, Boulder&G'burg)      

Years at NBS/NIST: 1964-2004

For research and leadership excellence in cryogenic properties of materials, superconductivity, and electrical and magnetic standards.

William F. Egelhoff (MML)                                      

Years at NBS/NIST: 1979-2010

For world-leading developments in the science of surfaces and thin films, and fundamental work in thin-film giant magnetoresistance (GMR) spin valves which greatly helped the US magnetic data recording industry.

Verna B. Hines (OD)                                     

Years at NBS/NIST:1975-2006

For educating Congress on NIST research and programs that broadened Congressional members' understanding of and support for NIST research  and increased NIST's budget by $190M.

Thomas J. Ohlemiller   (EL)                                       

Years at NBS/NIST:1978-2008

For leadership in understanding the ignition, smoldering and burning of real-world combustible products and contributions to practical test methods that reduce the deaths and losses from unwanted fires in homes.

Frank W. J. Olver  (ITL)                                            

Years at NBS/NIST:1961-1986

For prolific contributions in applied mathematics, including those to the NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions (1964) and its successor, the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (2010).

Albert C. Parr  (PML)                                                

Years at NBS/NIST: 1980-2007

For technical leadership in the establishment of a national measurement system for radiometry and photometry based upon absolute detectors. 

Michael R. Rubin (OD)                                             

Years at NBS/NIST:1988-2009

For guiding NIST to make consistently correct decisions through logic and outstanding legal counsel that continually met the highest ethical standards and unfailingly advocated for the taxpayer, NIST and the law.

Richard N. Thomas (PML Boulder)                          

Years at NBS/NIST:1957-1973

For his role in conceiving and creating JILA, then a new form of cooperative effort between a State and the Federal Government, and for contributions to our understanding stellar atmospheres.

Sheldon Weiderhorn (MML)                                     

Years at NBS/NIST: 1963-2008

For pioneering the discipline of fracture mechanics in glass and ceramics, and leading a world-class team of NBS/NIST staff to develop the science of fracture mechanics of ceramics.

Edwin Williams (PML)                                              

Years at NBS/NIST: 1971-2008

    For world-leading research on the measurement of fundamental constants providing the foundation for NIST's core electrical metrology program and setting the stage for a future redefinition of the SI.

Created October 4, 2010, Updated December 30, 2016