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NIST Portrait Gallery Process 2011

2011 Portrait Gallery Process                             10/2/10

Overview of Process

Call for Nominations in December 2010 Newsletter to SAA members and by email in December 2010 to NIST staff (note that no more than 10 additions will be made to PG from the 20-30 nominations usually received; the limit assures a real honor and a practicable ceremony).  Nominations are due 2/11/11. Any present or former staff member of NBS/NIST may make nomination(s).

  1. Instructions for Nominations give the format and criteria for selection, which are excellence and impact of work performed while at NIBS/NIST.
  2. Nominees are not informed of their nomination and nominations are confidential to the jury. 
  3. Balanced jury empanelled in March or April 2011. (Preferably, early April.)  The jury discusses nominations and recommends 10 to NIST Director.

4.     Director approves additions to PG.

5.     SAA notifies honorees and their nominators.

  1. SAA prepares portraits, background material and 75 minute ceremony installing honorees on October 14, 2011.
  2. SAA works with NIST to stimulate attendance of younger staff at the Ceremony.
  3. Portrait Committee has luncheon after ceremony to critique the whole process.
  4. Chair writes Thank You letters, by October 31, 2011, to those who helped with Ceremony.

SAA Jury Process

  1. Achieve balance among OUs, and scientists, engineers, and support and programmatic administrators.  
  2. Make an open call for volunteers in December 2010 SAA Newsletter for jury from SAA membership.  Jurors to be members of SAA and not current NIST employees.  Responses due February 11, 2011.
  3. Jury panel to be named by SAA Board on March 2, 2011.
  4. Jurors to be limited to three successive years of service with not more than two-thirds of the jurors to serve on successive juries.
  5. Co-chairs of Nominations and Elections Subcommittee and the Senior Operations Officer (who are not limited to three successive years of service) to be non-voting support for jury.

Key Dates

December 2010 SAA Newsletter

Call and Instructions for Nominations due 2/11/11

Call for Jury volunteers due 2/11/11

December 2010

Letters to OU directors asking for nominations from OUs.

December 2010 and January 2011 NIST Bulletins

            Call and Instructions for Nominations due 2/11/11

March 2, 2011

            SAA Board approves Jury

No later than April 29, 2011Recommendation of Honorees to NIST Director

October 14, 2011

Portrait Ceremony and Critique Luncheon for Portrait Committee

October 31, 2011

Thank those who helped with Ceremony

Created October 13, 2010, Updated December 30, 2016