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NIST Portrait Gallery Nomination Instructions 2011



  1. Nominee must be a former NBS/NIST scientist, engineer or administrator and the nominator must be a present or past NBS/NIST employee.  For the information requested below, the Jury, on a case-by-case basis, may consider employment as a guest worker or research associate at NBS/NIST, or with the NBS/NIST-affiliated programs of JILA and CARB, as equivalent to employment at NBS/NIST.
  2. Nominations shall be received by the SAA Portrait Gallery Committee preferably by email at alumni [at] (alumni[at]nist[dot]gov), or by mail to the SAA Office, A-42 Admin, Mail Stop 0952, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0952, no later than c.o.b. February 11, 2011 (no exceptions).
  3. Nomination may not exceed two pages, single spaced, in Times New Roman 12 or similar sized font, with 25 mm minimum margins.
  4. Nomination must be presented in the format given below, either as an electronic file (preferably), or in hard copy.
  5. Nomination must be confidential and may not be divulged to the nominee.


  1. Nominee's name and, for a living nominee, address, telephone and email. If the nominee is deceased, please provide, if possible, the name, address, telephone and email for an heir:
  1. Years at NBS/NIST:    19xx –
  1. Citation/Impact (nominee's claim to honor in thirty or fewer words):
  1. Birth date and Birthplace:
  1. Education (post secondary)(universities, degrees, dates):
  1. Principal positions held at NBS/NIST, with dates:
  1. Describe outstanding work at NBS/NIST, including scientific, technical, managerial or administrative contributions, and cite its impacts:
  1. List, at most, six significant examples of products of work at NBS/NIST such as publications, patents and administrative products.  If relevant, give the total number of publications and patents based on NBS/NIST work:
  1. Important external professional and governmental committee memberships and work, while employed at NBS/NIST,  and cite the impacts of this external work:
  1. Recognitions, awards and distinctions, within and external to NBS/NIST, as a consequence of work performed at NBS/NIST:
  1. Name and contact information for the nominator and for one additional current or former NBS/NIST staff member willing to support the nomination:
Created October 14, 2010, Updated December 30, 2016