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Invitation to Join SAA


National Institute of Standards and Technology

(Formerly National Bureau of Standards)

Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0952  

August 2010

Dear Alumnus/Alumna or Staff Member of NBS/NIST:

As President, and on behalf of our members, I cordially invite you to join the Standards Alumni Association (SAA). The SAA was founded in 1985 to provide former and current staff members the opportunity to keep in touch with retired and active colleagues; to keep informed of current NIST programs; to support the Institute in a variety of ways; and to help to perpetuate NIST's traditions and values. Our current membership of more than 450 includes former employees, either retired or having moved on in their careers, as well as a large number of current employees. [I joined SAA in 1985, long before my own retirement!] SAA's many activities and services include: The quarterly SAA Newsletter, which is filled with news of NIST and the impacts of current programs, information on SAA meetings and activities, and news of individual members. A regularly updated Membership Directory for keeping track of colleagues. Three Quarterly Meetings at Gaithersburg with programs highlighting NIST activities, accomplishments, and plans for the future, followed by laboratory tours. An Annual Dinner Meeting featuring a prominent speaker. An Annual History Lecture and (occasional) Rabinow Memorial Lectures. Recommending distinguished alumni to be added to the Portrait Gallery in the Administration Building and organizing/conducting the annual Portrait Ceremony. Participation in the Orientation Program for new NIST employees, describing NIST's culture and traditions. Conducting interviews for the NBS/NIST Oral History Program. Serving on the NIST Museum Committee. Maintaining liaison with the NIST Library (ISD). Member access to NIST facilities during working hours, including the library, credit union, SEBA Athletic Center, etc. We hope that you will become a member of SAA. Just complete and submit the attached membership application. The annual dues are $15.00 per member family, and may be currently waived for the first year.



Noel J. Raufaste , President

Created September 16, 2010, Updated November 12, 2021