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Quasi-Deterministic Channel Model

We reduced the parameters of the Quasi-Deterministic channel propagation model, recently adopted by the IEEE 802.11ay task group for next-generation Wi-Fi at millimeter-wave, from measurements collected in an urban environment with our 28 GHz switched-array channel sounder. We extended the clustering of channel rays from the conventional delay and angle domains to the location domain of the receiver, over which the measurements were collected. By comparing channel realizations from the model to realizations from a leading commercial ray-tracer, we demonstrated that the model effects no detriment to accuracy while maintaining the benefit of significantly reduced complexity.


Channel rays: Measured MPCs clustered in different colors, with the LoS and specular MPCs outlined in black (left). Predicted LoS and specular MPCs classified according to the scatterers that generated the MPCs (right).


More details about quasi-deterministic channel model and simulator can be found in the references below:

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[4] A quasi-deterministic channel implementation in MATLAB software:


Radio Access and Propagation Metrology Group

Created September 28, 2021, Updated November 3, 2021