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Human Presence

The complete model for human presence goes farther than previous efforts, incorporating reflection from the body before and after human blockage occurs in addition to diffraction around the body during blockage. To validate the proposed hybrid geometrical-empirical model and extract its empirical parameters, an exhaustive measurement campaign with 120 blockage scenarios, comprising varying human subjects and transmitter-human-receiver configurations, was conducted; a total of 180,000 channel acquisitions was recorded with our precision, state-of the-art 60-GHz channel sounder. The overall model is shown to be computationally efficient yet general enough to accurately represent a wide range of scenarios.


Human obstructing direct path using our 60 GHz switched-array system.


More details about our human presence study can be found in the reference below:

[1] A. Bhardwaj, D. Caudill, C. Gentile, J. Chuang, J. Senic, and D. G. Michelson, “Geometrical-Empirical Channel Propagation Model for Human Presence at 60 GHz,” IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 38467-38478, March 2021.


Radio Access and Propagation Metrology Group

Created September 28, 2021, Updated September 30, 2021