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Examples of Smart Grid Standards

Examples of Smart Grid Standards
Hundreds of standards will be required for an efficient and effective smart grid. Historically, the development of standards tends to be a careful and slow process, often requiring years of discussions and meetings between all interested parties. For the smart grid, however, we need some foundational standards, and we need them–now.

Since 2007, when it was given the role of coordinating standards development, NIST has been working actively with smart grid stakeholders to identify, develop, and coordinate these foundational standards. A number of standards have already emerged from this consensus and are ready for implementation. For those with strong technical interest and expertise, there exist numerous information sources documenting the ongoing standards-development process.

But what about the rest of us? Where can we learn what's happening in the world of smart grid standards–without earning a special degree in technical jargon?

The links on this page aim to provide just that level of information, in terms that the rest of us can understand. These links provide information about the standards which have emerged from the consensus process. (The PAP links given at the end of each title correspond to the "Priority Action Plans" that bring together the technical experts on each issue. If you want to plunge right into the technical details, click on the PAP links.)

How SGIP Develops and Coordinates Standards for the Smart Grid

Building an "Energy Internet": Internet Protocols for the Smart Grid ( PAP 1: Role of IP in the Smart Grid)

Charging Your Electric Car on the Smart Grid: Three Key Standards ( PAP 11: Common Object Models for Electric Transportation)
Created May 7, 2012, Updated August 25, 2016