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Phased-Array Channel Sounders

NIST has designed and assembled a 60 GHz channel sounder based on phased-array antennas. Our newest 28 GHz boards retain most of the features of the 60 GHz system, with important improvements: 2 GHz bandwidth, scanning is possible in elevation plane as addition to azimuthal scan, the array can generate V- and H-polarized beams simultaneously, and system performs switched beamforming in post-processing. Thanks to these features we can sweep a 3D double-omnidirectional dual-polarized channel in just 1.3 ms, to realize mobile channel sounding.


28 GHz phased-array channel sounder. Four antenna boards, each with a ±45° azimuthal scan range, are mounted at the right angles to provide 360° field of view.
Visualization of receiver’s sweep using switched beamforming.


More details about our phased-array channel sounders can be found in the references below:

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Radio Access and Propagation Metrology Group

Created September 27, 2021, Updated September 30, 2021