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Campus Status

Consistent with CDC recommendations, you should refrain from coming on to campus if you are exhibiting symptoms consistent with or test positive for a respiratory illness such as COVID-19, flu, or RSV.  Examples of symptoms are fever over 100.4 oF, shortness of breath, cough, severe headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, and runny nose.  

If you must come on to campus while exhibiting symptoms or after testing positive for a respiratory illness (including COVID), please consider voluntarily implementing the following protocols to assist in minimizing the potential for spread of a respiratory virus at NIST:

  • Practice proper hygiene, including frequent washing of or disinfecting hands;
  • Wear a well-fitting mask (e.g., 3-ply medical/surgical mask) or respirator (e.g., KN95 or N95 used voluntarily); and/or
  • Implement social distancing.

Please keep in mind that respiratory viruses may pose a very serious health risk to some populations of our community.  While on a NIST campus, please respect others’ decisions about how they manage their health.

NIST Gaithersburg

The NIST Gaithersburg campus is currently open for access to federal employees, associates, and sponsored visitors.

Gates A, C, and F are open for entry and Gate A may be used to exit campus. (Visitors must enter through Gate A to get badged initially.) 

NIST Boulder

The NIST Boulder campus is currently open for access to federal employees, associates and sponsored visitors.

Learn more about the various site status notifications that NIST uses during inclement weather.

Created March 18, 2019, Updated March 28, 2024