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Pat Toth

Photo of Pat Toth

Pat has over 30 years of experience in Cybersecurity and worked on various NIST Cybersecurity guidance documents including NISTIR 7621 Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals.

Cybersecurity Starts with Your Employees

We’re all familiar with Smokey the Bear and the “ Only You Can Prevent Wildfires ” slogan. In 2015, Smokey got an update and the new “Receive a Bear Hug” ads

Things That Make Me Wannacry

This article originally appeared on the NIST Taking Measure blog. I’m a bit emotional these days. My youngest—my baby—just graduated from high school. It’s the

Ignoring Cybersecurity is Risky Business

This article originally appeared on the NIST Taking Measure blog . Guest blog post by Pat Toth. They say opposites attract. While my husband and I have many