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Bernadine Hawes

Bernadine Hawes

Bernadine Hawes is an executive level, nonprofit professional and economic development specialist working in the areas of manufacturing strategy, small business growth, and project management workforce development. She is a Senior Advisor at Econsult Solutions, Inc. which provides robust quantitative analysis with trusted expert insights and impactful implementation to businesses and the public sector in urban economics, real estate economics, public infrastructure, public policy, and community and neighborhood development and planning. Her long career includes her work as Technology Specialist for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in crafting the state’s “Blueprint for Technology” and leadership roles on regional and national manufacturing industry boards, including vice chair of the MEP Advisory Board. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Ms. Hawes has a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania and is a summa cum laude graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. She has been the national co-chair of Penn’s Black Alumni Society and is a former member of the University of Pennsylvania’s James Brister Society for Diversity Inclusion.

Bernadine Hawes: My Manufacturing Story

This blog is part of a series for Black History Month to celebrate and share the stories of Black American manufacturing leaders. I didn’t start out even