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Register now: Applying measurement science in the Identity Ecosystem workshop

Registration is now officially open for the ‘Advanced Identity Workshop: Applying Measurement Science in the Identity Ecosystem’ coming up on January 12-13, 2016, at the NIST campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This two-day advanced identity workshop will bring together a diverse community of technology vendors, cybersecurity researchers, policy makers, and other experts from the public and commercial sectors to tackle three tough issues in developing measurement science in identity and access management: strength of identity proofing, both remote and in-person; strength of authentication with a focus on biometrics; and attribute confidence to assist in effective decision-making. This is not a workshop for solely listening and learning. To make meaningful progress toward measuring the performance of solutions, we need participants to contribute their expertise.
  • For identity proofing and authentication: What approaches have worked in your organization? What data would your organization look at to quantitatively assess strength in a consistent and repeatable way? What would a provider have to communicate to your organization for you to trust their solution? How is comparability assessed among disparate technologies and processes?
  • For attribute confidence: What attribute metadata really matters to your organization’s decision-making? What implementation options should be evaluated to reduce the impact on entities that assert or consume attributes?
“One of the ultimate goals of the NSTIC is to achieve an environment in which we are able to deliver solutions at least as fast as our adversaries can break them,” said Mike Garcia, acting director of the NPO. “This workshop is a critical step in advancing how government—and we hope the market writ large—measures and compares authentication and authorization solutions based on how they perform, enabling more informed risk-based decisions. Getting this right matters and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this effort.” This technical workshop will include a mix of moderated panels and facilitated working sessions that will determine meaningful and actionable next steps that NIST and its partners will undertake in establishing measurement science in identity management. In the coming weeks we will release three whitepapers—one for each area of focus at the workshop—on our website. We encourage attendees to read them and arrive with their ideas to move our community forward. Confirmed speakers and panelists at this time include: Darran Rolls (SailPoint), Gerry Gebel (Axiomatics), Leif Johannson (SUNET/Kantara), Vance Bjorn (Digital Persona/Cross Match), Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson/FIDO Alliance), Cathy Tilton (CSC), David Kelts (MorphoTrust USA), Dario Berini (NextgenID), Kim Little (LexisNexis), Brett McDowell (FIDO Alliance), Ian Glazer (SalesForce), and LaChelle LeVan (GSA). Register Agenda @NSTICnpo on Twitter


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