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Rodney Petersen Receives the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity 2023 Service Recognition Award

Rodney Petersen photograph

Congratulations to Rodney Petersen for receiving the 2023 Service Recognition Award in recognition for his outstanding cybersecurity contribution to the community and the Nation from the National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity.  Rodney joined NIST in 2015 as the second director of NICE, and he led the growth and development of the NICE organization following the program’s first official Congressional authorization in the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2014. The NICE program provided a grant to California State University, San Bernardino, that has supported the annual CAE Symposium for the past 8 years. The award was presented by the Community of Practice in Cyber Defense Education at the annual Centers of Academic Excellence 10th Annual Symposium on Friday, June 9, 2023, in Seattle, WA. 

Created June 12, 2023, Updated June 30, 2023