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R. Joseph Kline Honored with Flemming Award

Picture of R. Joseph Kline

For his outstanding federal service through interdisciplinary research in the evolution of methods to determine the complex, three-dimensional structure of advanced state-of-the-art structures needed for today’s semiconductor industry and the molecular structure and orientation of organic electronics materials for flexible electronics.  These methods have had an enormous impact through providing the insight needed to design organic materials that can be used in high performance, low-cost devices, a viable method to provide the semi-conductor industry the ability to measure the complex structures they manufacture.  Dr. Kline’s work spans a breadth of topics, including the structure of organic electronics materials, X-ray scattering, synchrotron measurement methods, materials properties, and self-assembling materials.  Through his exceptional scientific work and close interactions with industry, Dr. Kline has had a lasting impact on electronics materials research in the United States and around the world.

Created May 10, 2019