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Kuldeep Prasad Receives the 2019 CO-LABS Governor’s Award for High-Impact Research

Free range frequency combs - a collaborative journey from national lab to Colorado's oil and gas fields" which has been selected as a Pathfinding Partnerships winners of the 2019 Governor’s Awards for High-Impact Research.  Dual Comb Spectroscopy Methane Detection Technology based on Nobel Prize-winning research in Colorado can detect methane emissions as small as a quarter of a human breath from over a mile away.

The new technology enables reliable, accurate and cost-effective detection and mitigation of renegade methane leakage across the millions of acres of production sites and millions of miles of distribution pipelines that constitute our nation’s vast oil and gas production and distribution infrastructure.

Team members

Caroline Alden, Research Scientist, CIRES
Esther Baumann, Senior Research Associate, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Sean Coburn, Research Scientist, University of Colorado Boulder
Ian Coddington (PI), Project Leader, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Kevin Cossel, Physicist, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Fabrizio Giorgetta, Senior Research Associate, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Andrew Goldstein, CEO, LongPath Technologies Inc.
Nathan Newbury (PI), Group Leader and Fellow, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Kuldeep Prasad (PI), Engineer, Fire Research Division, NIST
Greg Rieker (PI), Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder (NIST & NREL affiliations), CTO, LongPath Technologies, Inc.
Eleanor Waxman, Chemist, Applied Physics Division, NIST
Ted Weaver, Former CEO, LongPath Technologies, Inc.
Robert Wright, Research Engineer, University of Colorado Boulder

Created November 7, 2019