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Koch wins Hano Award

Jonathan (Jay) Koch is recognized for his exceptional support of the research objectives at the National Institute of Standards and Technology for nearly two decades. In his role as cleanroom process engineer he has been responsible for the continued operation of numerous vacuum systems which have required everything from routine maintenance to designed overhauls to incorporate new features such as specialty sputter systems. His work has enabled a generation of NIST researchers to create tools for the vacuum and electronics industry such as the world's most precise superconducting voltage standard, the first on-chip atomic clock, and record holding superconducting particle detectors. He has demonstrated a level of mechanical understanding that is seldom found and has progressed the research at NIST by establishing a stable set of tools for the deposition, etching and definition of specialize microelectronic components.  Hundreds of technical publications, tens of patents and years of ground breaking research has hinged on the support that Jay has provided to the nation's first physical research laboratory.

Created August 23, 2012