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John Messina Wins INCITS Service Award

Image of John Messina

INCITS recognizes Mr. Messina for his numerous contributions to the INCITS/Cloud38 – Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms standards community.

John Messina has been a member of INCITS/Cloud38 and its vice-chair for several years and has held international leadership positions such as the Convenor of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38 Study Group on Future Work. He also chairs the INCITS/Ad Hoc on Cloud Computing Service Level Agreement Project. This is the ad hoc that does all the US technical work associated with projects in SC 38/WG 3 including creating recommendations and comments for US positions on SC 38/WG 3 projects. During the year 2020, a pandemic year where all engagements became virtual and SC 38 plenaries were being held at odd hours for US time zones, he stepped up to also be the Cloud38 secretary. He has shown remarkable leadership skills in creating US consensus positions, smooth running of Cloud38 and advancing US interests in SC 38 during a difficult year. 

Created May 18, 2021, Updated May 26, 2021