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Green Gov Award

The award citation states that through the development of the BEES software tool, Bobbie has significantly advanced the state-of-the-art of practices for sustainability measurement of building materials and bio-based products across the Federal government.  The software tool, conceived and developed by Bobbie, measures the environmental performance of products using a life-cycle assessment approach, analyzing all stages in the life of a product from "cradle to grave."  Her vision, realized through the BEES software, has resulted in a practical tool for sustainability performance measurement that is unbiased, science-based, quantitative, transparent, and comprehensive.  To date, the sustainability performance of more than 230 different building materials and more than 100 bio-based products has been reported through the BEES system.  There are now nearly 30,000 BEES users from more than 80 different countries.  Over the past three years alone, there have been more than 1 million hits to the BEES website, making it one of the most popular at NIST.

Created October 20, 2010