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Department of Commerce Gold Medal (2008)

2008 PSCR Gold Medal Award

From left: Commerce Secretary, Carlos Guiterez; Stephen Quirolgico (Mudumbai Ranganathan is not pictured) of NIST OLES; Kameron Behnam of NTIA ITS; NTIA Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, Meredith Attwell Baker; Deputy Secretary of Commerce, John J. Sullivan; and Deputy Director of NIST, Patrick D. Gallagher.

Gold Medal for Project 25 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface Test Tool Development

Kameron Behnam, Mudumbai Ranganathan, and Stephen Quirolgico received a group U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal for their efforts to enhance public safety communications. The team received the award for developing the ITT to test the Project 25 ISSI and CSSI.

Created February 23, 2022