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Boulder Safety Reps Receive 2010 NIST Safety Award

The Boulder Division Safety Representatives are recognized as an organization for their exemplary leadership, teamwork, and dedication in dramatically improving safety practices at the NIST Boulder Laboratories. Over the past two years, the Boulder Division Safety Representatives have led dramatic improvements in safety practices, many of which have been adopted NIST-wide. Their successes include: development and implementation of a comprehensive Laboratory Hazard Assessment process; collectively developing and reviewing hundreds of hazard assessments and standard operating procedures; and fostering a highly collaborative and mutually supportive safety environment in Boulder, where solutions are developed free from artificial concerns about organizational boundaries.

Winners included: Jolene Splett, Trudi Peppler, Dawn Weller, Jeff Guerrieri, Tim Drapela, Grady White, Cam Clickner, Chris Colburn, and Maggie Crews.

Created October 24, 2011, Updated March 10, 2017