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American Chemical Society Landmark Designation of NIST

NIST'S First Century

For one hundred years, scientists and engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, formerly the National Bureau of Standards, have made broad-based and comprehensive contributions to chemical science and technology and to the economic strength and competitiveness of the United States. Through internationally recognized programs in materials characterization and standards, measurement, calibration, and synthesis — and in areas as diverse as cryogenics, weather prediction, solid state devices, and synthetic rubber — the National Institute of Standards and Technology continues to demonstrate that the intelligent application of research in physical sciences to a wide range of societal challenges contributes to a higher quality of life for everyone.

NIST's Second Century

Today, a staff of 3,300 scientists, engineers, technicians and support personnel helps the country face a future of new and increasingly demanding challenges, through four major program areas.

Created April 15, 2011, Updated December 8, 2014