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2023 - Gibbs Triangle Award---Ursula Kattner

Ursula Kattner and guest pose for a photo with her Gibbs Triangle Award in front of the water.

Ursula Kattner (left) poses for a photo with her Gibbs Triangle Award. Beside her is one of her long-time collaborators, Bo Sundman (right), professor emeritus at the Computational Thermodynamics division at the Materials Science and Engineering department at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Ursula Kattner of the NIST Material Measurement Laboratory Materials Science and Engineering Division is the 2023 recipient of the Gibbs Triangle Award at the 50th CALPHAD meeting held in Boston, MA, June 25-29, 2023. This is awarded for outstanding contributions to development of ternary and higher-order phase diagrams and in honor of J.W. Gibbs. 

Created July 27, 2023