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2023 - Arthur S. Flemming Award---Edwin P. Chan

Headshot of Edwin Chan

Edwin Chan

Dr. Edwin Chan is recognized for his outstanding contributions to NIST and the federal government. He developed innovative measurement methods that advance our scientific understanding of polymer thin films and interfaces and deployed these methods to advance technologies with incredible societal importance. These successes stem from Dr. Chan’s unique vision to identify the fundamental concepts of polymer chemistry and physics that underpin the continuum equations that describe the mechanical properties of polymers.

His accomplishments have focused on two key areas of broad social importance: (a) water filtration membranes for desalination and clean drinking water and (b) impact-mitigating materials for protective equipment used by athletes, first responders, and soldiers. Dr. Chan has emerged as a leader in the field of polymer mechanics and is a critical interface between the academic research community and NIST stakeholders in industry and other government agencies.

Created May 25, 2023, Updated January 25, 2024