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2023 AAAS Fellow - Angela Hight Walker

Angela Hight Walker
Credit: NIST

Hight Walker was nominated for "advancing the physics of quantum-confined materials through innovations in Raman spectroscopy and for distinguished leadership at a National Laboratory."

Dr. Angela Hight Walker is a distinguished senior scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), recognized for her leadership in pioneering optical spectroscopies to characterize quantum materials. Over three decades, she has led a dynamic research team unraveling the complexities of low-dimensional materials, contributing over 175 multidisciplinary publications to physics, chemistry, and materials science.

Internationally, Dr. Hight Walker is a leading figure in standardization efforts for nanotechnology, contributing to ISO Technical Committee 229 Nanotechnologies and VAMAS committees. Furthering efforts in scientific diplomacy, she has spearheaded international studies validating measurement protocols and coordinating initiatives for quantitative Raman measurements.

Beyond her scientific achievements, Dr. Hight Walker is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in science. She actively advocates for science accessibility, engaging young and under-resourced individuals through demonstrations and lectures, while having mentored over 50 students and postdoctoral researchers, many from underrepresented groups.


Created April 5, 2024, Updated April 18, 2024