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2019 PECASE - Alexey Gorshkov

Headshot of Alexey Gorshkov

For pushing the frontiers of quantum science through groundbreaking research, including manipulating individual light particles to strongly interact—something they do not naturally do, and which was recognized by “Physics World” as one of the top ten breakthroughs of 2013.

Dr. Alexey Gorshkov is recognized for his world-leading research in quantum science which has inspired a stunning array of ideas, insights and additional research on exotic states of matter in institutes around the world. Dr. Gorshkov has drawn international attention for his groundbreaking work in which he showed how a system typically used to study atomic behavior could be used instead to actually trick one particle of light (a photon) into strongly interacting with a second. Achieving such strong photon-photon interactions is one of the holy grails for quantum optics and was selected by Physics World as one of the top ten breakthroughs of 2013. This work has laid the theoretical foundation for an entirely new suite of devices that rely on the strong interactions between photons to perform logical operations, much as electrons do in current electronics.

Created July 24, 2019, Updated July 26, 2019