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2018 IEEE Fellow - David A. Howe

David A. Howe

David A. Howe, NIST and Colorado University Professional Research Advisor, from Boulder, Colorado, USA has been named an IEEE Fellow. He is being recognized for contributions to global time synchronization. Over 33 years ago in NIST’s Time Dissemination Research Group, Howe developed and advanced what is called “two-way satellite time transfer” (TWSTT). TWSTT was over 100 times better than GPS’ best capabilities at that time and so was, and still is, adopted as the calibration and assurance for GPS signal timing and integrity during the ensuing 3-1/2 decades of GPS developments and upgrades.  The original technical scheme was recommended and adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Standards Working Group 7 in Geneva in 1991. In 1993, TWSTT became the standard method of worldwide realization of coordinated time, or UTC.


Created November 27, 2017, Updated August 2, 2021