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2014 William A. Wildhack Award - Carol Hockert

Carol's history of involvement with NCSLI includes an impressive list of leadership positions including: Member of the Accreditation Resources Committee; Twin Cities Section Coordinator, 1996 to 1999; Region 11 Coordinator, 2000; Board of Reviewers, 2001 to 2004; Central Division VP, 2001 to 2003; Conference Management VP, 2004 to 2006; Executive VP, 2007; Liaison Delegates Committee Chairman, 2007; President, 2008; Immediate Past President, 2009; Past Presidents Committee, 2011 to Present; CFM Representative, 2011 to Present; Technical Program Chairman, 2012 to Present. In addition to her work with NCSLI, her professional career accomplishments are equally as impressive. Carol understands weights and measures and laboratory metrology from a state’s perspective; she is also an expert in legal metrology and was both a technical and lead assessor for NVLAP. She is also the Executive Secretary for the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) and in that role has developed exceptional relationships with the division’s partners, stakeholders and customers.

Created September 6, 2017