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NIST Microscopy Advance Wins R&D 100 Award

woman in a blue dress and white sweater stands next to an electron microscope
Credit: R. Wilson/NIST

NIST's June Lau, in collaboration with Brookhaven National Lab and Euclid TechLabs, have invented a new type of electron microscope that gives us a freeze-frame look at the smallest parts of our world. To do this, they shoot microwaves at an arbitrary frequency through a waveguide, so that only electrons catching onto their desired wave can get through the microscope. By controlling the waves, you control the timeframe. It’s a whole new level of photography, capturing atomic-scale still images mid-motion.

In the Analytical/Test category, for contributions to the development of the Affordable Laser-free Retrofittable Stroboscopic Solution for Ultra-fast Electron Microscopy, with Euclid TechLabs, LLC,
JEOL USA Inc., and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Created November 27, 2019