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Nathan Newbury Receives Flemming Award


Nathan Newbury was recognized for the invention and application of fiber-laser frequency combs to address some of the world's most challenging research problems including subhertz optical spectrscopy, high-precision frequency metrology, nanometer-precision distance ranging, and ultra-high-bandwidth communications. Dr. Nathan Newbury transformed a powerful technology into a practical, turn-key solution with his creation of an entirely new class of frequency combs – the fiber-laser frequency comb. Building upon this innovation, Dr. Newbury pioneered critically important metrology tools to advance fundamental knowledge in an impressive breadth of areas – from the dual frequency comb spectroscopy technique for both ultra high resolution gas detection and dynamic laser characterization, to an ultra-precise laser ranging technique for studying distant objects. Dr. Newbury's research advances are being replicated in research labs around the world and contribute to advances in climate science, precision timekeeping, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Created August 2, 2012, Updated March 22, 2017