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2015 Fulbright fellowship - Glenn Solomon

NIST has a long-standing program in quantum information science that includes creating coherence in quantum dots — a type of nanostructure — that can lead to everything from single photon sources to the core components of quantum computer — a so-called quantum bit or qubit. These types of efforts have been at the core of NIST's leadership in quantum information science and have been the basis of the four Nobel Prizes that NIST has won over the past 20 years.

The research groups at the University of Innsbruck have been collaborators and competitors with NIST and PML for many years. Solomon will be working most directly with the research team of Professor Gregor Weihs looking at ways to better exploit quantum dots in microcavities for use as sources of individual photons and entangled photon pairs and as sources for photons with different spatial and temporal characteristics that could be exploited in new quantum-based precision measurements.

For information about Solomon's research on quantum dots and other semiconductor nanostructures, click here.

Created August 30, 2017, Updated December 6, 2018