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NIST Organizational Chart

organization chart

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DirectorChief of StaffPublic Affairs OfficeCongressional and Legislative AffairsInternational and Academic AffairsPhilip SingermanMaterial Measurement LaboratoryDr. Laurie E. LocascioPhysical Measurement LaboratoryEngineering LaboratoryInformation Technology LaboratoryCenter for Nanoscale Science and TechnologyNIST Center for Neutron ResearchOffice of Workforce ManagementOffice of Financial Resource ManagementOffice of Information Systems ManagementCivil Rights and DiversityHollings Manufacturing Extension PartnershipBaldrige Performance Excellence ProgramProgram CoordinationRobert CelottaDelwin BrockettEconomic AnalysisTechnology PartnershipsPhillip SingermanGeorge JenkinsRichard KayserCharles RomineAssociate Director for Laboratory Programs/Principal DeputyStandards CoordinationSpecial ProgramsAdvanced Manufacturing National Program OfficeMary SaundersHoward HararyWillie E. May (acting)Associate Director for Innovation & Industry Services Communications Technology Laboratory Richard Cavanagh (acting)