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forensics_at_NISTConferences and Events

NIST routinely hosts and supports forensic science events in cooperation with other forensic science community groups. These events bring together scientists, researchers, practitioners, industry representatives, and members of the criminal justice community to address the pressing needs of the forensic science community.


Upcoming Events

These event pages offer the latest information on each upcoming event, which includes registration information, abstracts, draft agendas, recommended attendees, and attendance information.

  • NEW! Trace Evidence Data Workshop: Improving Technology and Measurement in Forensic Science, July 19-20, 2016
In 2012, the Forensic Science Research Program, with sponsorship from the National Institute of Justice, conducted a survey of state and federal law enforcement agencies to develop a comprehensive list of databases, reference materials, and standard reference collections used by forensic scientists in laboratories at the state and local levels. The primary goal was to share information about existing data for forensic practitioners to share and use. The survey located in 228 state, federal, and commercially run databases which are all available to view here.

Since then, NIST has been involved in several efforts to assist in expanding the availability of data and reference materials for various disciplines including biometrics and firearms. On July 19-20, NIST will hold a workshop to discuss databases used in trace evidence analysis entitled, “Trace Evidence Data Workshop: Improving Technology and Measurement in Forensic Science.” This event is a part of an effort at NIST to gather feedback from the practitioners and researchers in the forensic science community on further improving access and expanding the development of datasets useful, specifically, for trace forensic evidence. More information coming soon.

  • Forensics@NIST 2016, Nov. 8-9, 2016
  • Gordon Research Conference
    Forensic Analysis of Human DNA: Advancing Fundamental Technologies from the Crime Lab to the Crime Scene
    June 19-24, 2016
    Waterville Valley, NH
  • Technical Colloquium: Quantifying the weight of forensic evidence
    NIST is organizing a technical colloquium on the topic of Quantification of the Weight of Forensic Evidence. The goal of the technical colloquium is to facilitate a technical discussion about theories, current approaches, and practices for assigning the weight of evidence. Additional aims are to address different mathematical or statistical methods for quantifying the weight of evidence, strengths and limitations of these methods, and the criteria for applying such methods. We encourage participants to review the bibliography posted prior to the technical colloquium

Past Events

These event pages offer the final agendas, presentations, abstracts, registration lists, and videos of the completed events. Videos are only available if the event was previously distributed via live webcast.

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