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How to Apply

2016 Due Dates

Make sure your materials are shipped in time to arrive no later than the dates listed below.

Eligibility certification package


                with or without a nomination to the Board of Examiners

February 22*



Award application package


                on CD only

April 26*

                as 25 paper copies plus CD

May 3*

*Please note that these 2016 due dates are the final dates by which each package must be received at ASQ—not the dates by which they must be postmarked. To be sure that your materials are not late, BPEP suggests applicants use overnight mail to send materials with a postmark as follows: no later than Thursday, February 18, for the eligibility certification package and no later than Tuesday, April 19, for the CD-only award application package or Tuesday, April 26, for the paper-copies-plus-CD award application package.

Applying for the Baldrige Award is a two-part process.

Step 1: Submit an Eligibility Certification Package

See Is Your Organization Eligible? for information on eligibility for the Baldrige Award.

The eligibility certification package consists of

  • a completed Eligibility Certification Form signed by your organization’s highest-ranking official
  • an organization chart and other required documents described in the form
  • the nonrefundable fee of $360
  • proof of the date you send the package (see Eligibility Certification Package Checklist)

The Baldrige Program keeps this material confidential. We use it to avoid conflicts of interest when assigning examiners to your application. In addition, the information in the Eligibility Certification Form provides a useful profile of your organization and is often the first information read by the examiners who evaluate your application.

We’ll review your eligibility certification package promptly and contact your designated eligibility contact point or alternate if it needs clarification, but you’ll self-certify your organization’s eligibility to apply for the award. You don’t need notification from the program to begin preparing your application.

The Baldrige Program relies on the information you submit in the Eligibility Certification Form. If we find during the award cycle that the information is inaccurate in a way that makes your organization ineligible, you will forfeit eligibility for the award, and your organization will receive a feedback report only. If you have questions, call 877-237-9064, option 3.

Nominate a Senior Member of Your Organization to the Board of Examiners

If you apply for the Baldrige Award, you can gain insight into the Baldrige Excellence Framework and the Baldrige Award process by nominating a senior member of your organization to be noncompetitively appointed to the Baldrige Board of Examiners when you submit your Eligibility Certification Package.

The nominee must not have served previously as a Baldrige examiner and must fully participate as a member of the board by

  • attending Examiner Preparation
  • participating in the evaluation of an organization that has applied for the award

Board appointments provide a significant opportunity for your organization to learn about the Baldrige framework and the evaluation process. Examiners

  • improve their understanding of the Baldrige framework
  • see how the Baldrige framework is used in high-performing organizations
  • develop a network of professional colleagues

To take advantage of this opportunity, examiners make a substantial time commitment. All board appointments are for one year only, and your organization or the nominee must cover travel and lodging expenses incurred for Examiner Preparation. See What Do Examiners Do? for a description of the duties, terms and conditions, and timeline.

Step 2: Submit an Award Application Package.

In this package, you provide the information that a team from the Board of Examiners needs to conduct a rigorous evaluation of your organization. All information you provide is considered confidential. The award application package contains

Your application will be accepted only if you’ve certified your eligibility by the due date (see above). To apply for the award, you’ll also need the appropriate Baldrige Excellence Framework booklet for your organization.

  • The content and formatting requirements for the application are identical whether you submit the application on paper or on CD. We reserve the right to return incomplete applications and those that don’t meet these requirements. If you have questions, call 877-237-9064, option 3.



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