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171. Cytochrome c at Model Membrane Surfaces: Exploration via Second Harmonic Generation - Circular Dichroism and Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/11/2000
Authors: T Petralli-Mallow, Anne L Plant, M Lewis, J Hicks
Abstract: The novel nonlinear optical method second harmonic generation-circular dichroism (SHG-CD) has been used to follow the adsorption and redox properties of a peripheral membrane protein horse heart cytochrome c, adsorbed at several model membrane surfac ...

172. Improving the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme System for Electrode-Driven Biocatalysis of Styrene Epoxidation
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: M P. Mayhew, Vytautas Reipa, Marcia J Holden, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Cytochrome P450 enzymes catalyze a vast array of oxidative and reductive biotransformations that are potentially useful for industrial and pharmaceutical syntheses. Factors such as cofactor utilization and slow reaction rates for non-natural substra ...

173. Intersubunit Association Induces Unique Allosteric Dependence of the T127L CRP Mutant on pH
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 6/20/2000
Authors: Y. Shi, S. Wang, Frederick P. Schwarz
Abstract: The allosteric activation of the T127->L mutant of 3'-5' cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) receptor protein (CRP) by cAMP changes from an exothermic, independent two-site bindingmechanism at pH 7.0 to an endothermic, interacting two-site binding ...

174. Response to "Comment on 'Reinterpretation of the Spectra of Hydrated Co++: An Ab Initio Study'"
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 6/15/2000
Authors: H S. Gilson, Morris Krauss
Abstract: This is a response to comments on a previous paper. Reinterpretation of the Spectra of Hydrated Co++: an ab Initio Study.

175. Effective Fragment Potentials and the Enzyme Active Site
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/1/2000
Authors: S E Worthington, Morris Krauss
Abstract: Optimization of the binding conformation of a substrate in an enzyme active site using ab initio quantum chemistry methods are intractable since the active site comprises several hundred atoms. However, the active site can be decomposed into an activ ...

176. Spin-Orbit Configuration Interaction Calculation of the Potential Energy Curves of Iodine Oxide
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 4/6/2000
Authors: S Roszak, Morris Krauss, A B Alekseyev, H P Liebermann, R J Buenker
Abstract: An ab initio cofiguration interaction (CI) study including spin-orbit coupling is carried out for the ground and excited states of the IO radical by employing relativistic effective core potentials. The computed spectroscopic constants are in good a ...

177. Differential Surface Stress of a Tin Oxide Electrode
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 4/1/2000
Authors: Gintaras Valincius, Vytautas Reipa
Abstract: Differential surface stress measurements performed using estance technique and simultaneous measurements of the differential capacitance provide experimental evidence for deviation of n-tin oxide electrode's properties from the electrocapillary relat ...

178. Interrogating Unsupported Lipid Bilayers With Scanning Confocal Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 1/23/2000
Authors: D L. Burden, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: We describe the use of scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy to probe the structure and temporal dynamics of unsupported planar lipid bilayer membranes. At high fluorescent label concentration, the shape and stability of the membranes are evalua ...

179. Surface stress of tin oxide electrode
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Gintaras Valincius, Vytautas Reipa

180. Thermal Stability of PNA/DNA and DNA/DNA Duplexes by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/15/1999
Authors: M C. Chakrabarti, Frederick P. Schwarz
Abstract: Thermodynamic quanties describing the hybridizatin reactions for 8mer PNA/DNA duplexes and the corresponding 8mer DNA/DNA duplexes were determined by isothermal titation calorimetry measurements at ambient temperatures. Values of {delta}G^db^ for ...

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