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361. Thermal transport in stacked superconductor-normal metal-superconductor Josephson junctions
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: Yonuk Chong, Paul David Dresselhaus, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: Nb/MoSi^d2^/Nb superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) stacked Josephson junctions have proven to be a good candidate for high-density series arrays for Josephson voltage standard applications. As the junction density increases, self-heating ...

362. Thermoelectric and Structural Characterization of Ba2Ho(Cu3-xCox)O6+y
Topic: Energy
Published: 6/13/2009
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Z Yang, Y F Hu, Qingzhen Huang, Nathan Lowhorn, Makoto Otani, James A Kaduk, Martin L Green, Q Li
Abstract: The search for thermoelectric materials for power generation and for solid-state cooling have led to the increased interest of layered cobalt-containing oxides because of their thermal stability at high temperature and their desirable thermoelectric ...

363. Thermopower of Co-doped FeSe0.82
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/2009
Authors: Evan L. Thomas, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Daniel P. Phelan
Abstract: The effect of cobalt doping (0.05 ≤ x ≤ 0.50) on the thermopower of the newly discovered superconductor FeSe0.82 is investigated through electrical and thermal transport measurements. Our results point to the destruction of superconducti ...

364. Three-Axis Coil Probe Dimensions and Uncertainties During Measurement of Magnetic Fields from Appliances
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Energy
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: Martin Misakian, Charles D. Fenimore

365. Time-resolved surface infrared spectroscopy during atomic layer deposition
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/10/2013
Authors: Brent A Sperling, John J. Hoang, William Andrew Kimes, James E Maslar
Abstract: This work presents a novel method for obtaining surface infrared spectra with sub-second time resolution during atomic layer deposition (ALD). Using a rapid-scan Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer, we obtain a series of interferograms ( ...

366. Towards AGV Safety and Navigation Advancement - Obstacle Detection Using a TOF Range Camera*
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/20/2005
Authors: Roger V Bostelman, Tsai Hong Hong, Rajmohan Madhavan
Abstract: The performance evaluation of an obstacle detection and segmentation algorithm for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) navigation using a 3D real-time range camera is the subject of this paper. Our approach has been tested successfully on British safety s ...

367. Towards Demand Response Measurement and Verification Standards
Topic: Energy
Published: 5/1/2013
Authors: David G Holmberg, David Hardin, Ed Koch
Abstract: The value and impact of demand response (DR) at grid-scale depends upon the widespread and active participation of a diverse customer base. The level of participation by customers is impacted by financial compensation and return-on-investment. The ro ...

368. Towards Development of an ISO Container to Spreader Bar Sensor System
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7418
Topic: Energy
Published: 6/12/2007
Author: Richard J Norcross
Abstract: This report describes a sensor system that determines the relative pose between a crane spreader and an ISO container. The sensor system supports efforts to transfer cargo between ships in high sea states under ONR s HiCASS program. The sensor system ...

369. Towards a Tool for Performance Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Dynamic, On-Road Environments
Topic: Energy
Published: 6/26/2006
Authors: Craig I Schlenoff, Jerome G.B. Ajot, Rajmohan Madhavan
Abstract: We are developing a novel framework, PRIDE (PRediction In Dynamic Environments), to perform moving object prediction (MOP) to assist unmanned ground vehicles in performing path planning within dynamic environments. In addition to predicting the locat ...

370. Towards an Approach for Knowledge-Based Road Detection
Topic: Energy
Published: 6/26/2006
Authors: Mike Foedisch, Craig I Schlenoff, Michael O Shneier
Abstract: Our previous work on road detection suggests the usage of prior knowledge in order to improve performance. In this paper we will explain our motivation for a novel approach, define requirements and point out issues, particularly concerning the repres ...

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