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61. New Field Theory Formulation of Localized States in Disordered Systems
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/1/1981
Authors: S Girvin, R W Rendell, Garnett W Bryant
Abstract: We present a new field theoretic formulation of the quantum mechanics of disordered systems. The problem is converted to an explicit field theory by changing variables in the functional integral over all random potentials to an integral over all poss ...

62. Non-white frequency noise in spin torque oscillators and its effect on spectral linewidth
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 8/1/2010
Authors: Mark W Keller, Matthew R Pufall, William H Rippard, Thomas J Silva
Abstract: We measure the power spectral density of frequency fluctuations from the output voltage waveform of nanocontact spin torque oscillators over timescales up to 50 ms. We facilitate digitization of the waveform by using a mixer to convert oscillator sig ...

63. Nonvolatile switching of Josephson coupling with a pseudo-spin valve barrier
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 5/28/2014
Authors: Burm Baek, William H Rippard, Samuel Paul Benz, Stephen E Russek, Paul David Dresselhaus
Abstract: The quantum behavior of Josephson junctions is often exploited to produce superconducting devices with outstanding performance. Josephson junctions can also be used in circuits that perform logic operations in picoseconds and may enable high-perfo ...

64. Observation of Transparency of Erbium-doped Silicon nitride in photonic crystal nanobeam cavities
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 6/14/2010
Authors: Yiyang Gong, Maria Makarova, Selcuk Yerci, Rui Li, Martin J Stevens, Burm Baek, Sae Woo Nam, Luca Dal Negro, Jelena Vuckovic
Abstract: One dimensional nanobeam photonic crystal cavities are fabricated in an Er-doped amorphous silicon nitride layer. Photoluminescence from the cavities around 1.54 mm is studied at cryogenic and room temperatures at different optical pump powers. The ...

65. Observations and modeling of normal-metal/insulator/superconductor refrigerator cooling from 300 mK to below 100 mK
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Galen C O'Neil, Peter J Lowell, Joel Nathan Ullom, Jason M Underwood
Abstract: In a refrigerator, heat is moved from one system to another and this movement requires an additional dissipated power. It is desirable to both isolate the cooled system, so that its temperature may differ from the bath, and to heatsink the heated sys ...

66. Observing the Quantization of Zero Mass Carriers in Graphene
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 5/15/2009
Authors: Joseph A Stroscio, Gregory M. Rutter, D. L. Miller, K. Kubista, W. A. de Heer, Phillip N. First
Abstract: Application of a magnetic field to conductors causes the charge carriers to circulate in cyclotron orbits with quantized energies called Landau levels (LLs). These are equally spaced in normal metals and two-dimensional electron gases. In graphene, ...

67. Optical Properties of Small Metal Spheres: Surface Effects
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 4/25/1983
Authors: David R. Penn, S Apell
Abstract: It has been assumed that the optical properties of small spheres can be understood by means of a Drude dielectric function that incorporates a boundary scattering rate 1 / {tau}^ds^~=v^dF^ / R, where vF is the Fermi velocity and R is the sphere radiu ...

68. Optimization of arrays of gold nanodisks for plasmon-mediated Brillouin light scattering
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 7/22/2009
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A Kim, Zhandos Utegulov, B. T. Draine
Abstract: Distributions of electric fields in two-dimensional arrays of gold nanodisks on a Si3N4 membrane, with light incident through the membrane, are modeled with the aim of determining array geometries for effective plasmon-mediated Brillouin light scat ...

69. Optimization of spin-valve parameters for magnetic bead trapping and manipulation
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 2/6/2010
Authors: Wendy R. Altman, John M Moreland, Stephen E Russek, Victor M. Bright
Abstract: Magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) and magnetoresistance (MR) measurements were used to measure the switching characteristics of spin-valve (SV) arrays currently being developed to trap and release superparamagnetic beads within a fluid medium. The eff ...

70. Origin of Universal Optical Conductivity and Optical Stacking Sequence Identification in Multilayer Graphene
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 8/6/2009
Authors: Hongki Min, Allan H. MacDonald
Abstract: We predict that the optical conductivity of normal graphene multilayers is close to {sigma}^duni^=({pi}/2) e^u2^/h per layer over a broad range of frequencies. The origin of this behavior is an emergent chiral symmetry which is present in normal N-l ...

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