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11. Measurement and Analysis of the Lowest Resonant Mode of a Spherical Annular-Sector Patch Antenna
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 1/29/2015
Author: Howard S Cohl
Abstract: The cavity model for patch antennas has been used extensively since the 1970s. This model gives excellent first order estimates for the antenna's internal fields near any resonant frequency. While frequently used for planar geometries, there is no re ...

12. Measuring the Resiliency of Cellular Base Station Deployments
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 3/11/2015
Authors: David Wesley Griffith, Richard Antoine Rouil, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) has defined Resiliency as the ability of a network to withstand the loss of assets and to recover quickly from such losses. How to measure the resiliency of a base station deployment i ...

13. Modeling Smart Grid Applications with Co-Simulation
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 10/5/2010
Authors: Timothy Godfrey, Mullen Sara, Roger C. Dugan, Craig Rodine, David Wesley Griffith, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: Analysis of complex Smart Grid applications require simulation of communications networks and the power system. Analytical models of the communication systems provide a tool for examining the aggregate behavior of the system. An event level analysis ...

14. NIST Handbook 150-11, NVLAP Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunications
Series: Handbook (NIST HB)
Report Number: 150-11
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 4/25/2013
Authors: Bethany E Hackett, Bradley W Moore, Dennis G. Camell
Abstract: NIST Handbook 150-11, NVLAP Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunications, presents the technical requirements and guidance for the accreditation of laboratories under the NVLAP Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunications (ECT) LAP. I ...

15. Novel Tree-Search Algorithm versus Sphere-Decoding-based Algorithms for MIMO system with Inter-Symbol Interference
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 12/3/2012
Author: Hamid Gharavi
Abstract: In this paper we firstly propose a general model to combat the Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) caused by frequency selective channels in a Multi-InputMulti-Output (MIMO) system and/or by asynchronous cooperative transmissions. The general model is no ...

16. Pixel Interlacing Based Video Transmission for Low-complexity Intra-frame Error Concealment
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 6/1/2011
Author: Hamid Gharavi
Abstract: When multi-path fading and interference frequently disrupts a mobile radio communication system, it can seriously undermine its reliability for transmission of compressed video signals. In this paper, we present a pixel interlacing based video transm ...

17. Producing known complex modulation signals for calibration of optical modulation analyzers
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 3/4/2012
Authors: Tasshi Dennis, Bernd Nebendahl
Abstract: A family of optical modulation signals with known properties was generated using three phase-locked lasers for calibration of the complex measurement plane. Patterns predicted from first principles were measured with a real-time optical modulatio ...

18. Producing known complex modulation signals for characterization of coherent optical receivers
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 10/2/2013
Authors: Tasshi Dennis, Bernd Nebendahl
Abstract: We introduce a family of complex modulation signals that are generated as patterns over the real and imaginary plane for characterization of coherent optical receivers. The properties of the complex signals can be predicted from first principles, ...

19. Report of the NIST Workshop on Key Escrow Encryption
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5468
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 6/1/1994
Authors: A Oldehoeft, Dennis Keith Branstad
Abstract: On June 10, 1994, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted a one-day workshop to present and discuss key escrow encryption technology, including the recently-approved Escrowed Encryption Standard (EES), Federal Information Pro ...

20. Selective Pixel Interpolation for Spatial Error Concealment
Topic: Telecommunications
Published: 6/1/2011
Authors: Hamid Gharavi, Yi Ge, Bo Yan, Kairan Sun
Abstract: This paper proposes an effective algorithm for spatial error concealment with accurate edge detection and partitioning interpolation. Firstly, a new method is used for detecting possible edge pixels and their matching pixels around the lost block ...

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