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141. Embedded Decoupling Capacitance Materials Characterization
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/1/2000
Author: Jan Obrzut
Abstract: The dielectric constant of the embedded capacitance materials was measured in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 5 GHz. The testing included evaluation of the capacitance density, leakage current, and the effect of HAST on the capacitance. A test sp ...

142. Micromachined Branch Line Coupler in CMOS Technology
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Mehmet Ozgur, Ulas C. Kozat, Mona Elwakkad Zaghloul, Michael Gaitan

143. Charaterization of PFC Emissions from Semiconductor Process Tools
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 9/1/1998
Authors: David S. Green, J. Meyers

144. Interconnection Continuity Test for Packaged Functional Modules
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 3/3/1998
Author: Jan Obrzut
Abstract: We developed an electrical test to evaluate interconnections in packaged, electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protected modules. The ESD protection circuit, which in modern integrated circuits is present at every I/O as an inherent part of the chip struct ...

145. Building-In Reliability: Making It Work
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 5/1/1991
Authors: Harry A. Schafft, D F Lee, P. E. Kennedy

146. An Evaluation of Instrumental Correction Factors for Infrared Absorption Concentration Measurements,
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/31/1989
Authors: D. Baghdadi, Erik M Secula

147. Current Status of, and Future Directions in, Silicon Photodiode Self-Calibration
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/31/1989
Author: Jon C Geist

148. The Absorption Cross Section of As in Si
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/31/1989
Authors: Jon C Geist, M. G. Stapelbroek, M. D. Petroff

Topic: Semiconductors
Published: Date unknown
Author: Herbert S Bennett
Abstract: Radio frequency (RF), high frequency (HF), and analog/mixed-signal (AMS) technologies serve the rapidly growing communications markets that include many of the physical components for the Internet of Everything (IoE) (e.g., ...

150. Terahertz Mobility Measurements on P3HT Films: Device Comparison, Molecular Weight and Film Processing Effects
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Okan Esenturk, Joseph S Melinger
Abstract: We report the first direct comparison of relative carrier mobilities in semiconducting organic polymer films measured using non-contact optical pump terahertz probe spectroscopy to those reported in electrical device studies. Relative transient sign ...

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