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231. Surface Effects on the Elastic Modulus of Te Nanowires
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 6/17/2008
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, Sergiy Krylyuk, Albert Davydov, Mark D Vaudin, Leonid A Bendersky, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Nondestructive elastic property measurements have been performed on Te nanowires with diameters in the range 20 150 nm. By using contact resonance atomic force microscopy, the elastic indentation modulus perpendicular to the prismatic facets of the n ...

232. Multiscale Green's function for deflection of graphene lattice
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 6/2/2008
Authors: B. Yang, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: Fundamental deflection behavior of an infinite two-dimensional graphene lattice subjected to a transverse point force has been analyzed using lattice statics and the continuum Green's functions. An analytic expression has been derived for the lattice ...

233. Origin of Adhesion in Humid Air
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 4/18/2008
Authors: Doo-In Kim, Jaroslaw Grobelny, Pradeep Narayanan Namboodiri, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The origin of adhesion at nanoscale contacts in humid air is investigated by pull-off force measurements using atomic force microscopes in controlled environments from ultra-high vacuum through various humidity conditions to water. An equivalent work ...

234. Vibrational modes of nanolines
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 3/5/2008
Authors: Paul R Heyliger, Colm Flannery, Ward L Johnson
Abstract: Brillouin-light-scattering spectra previously have been shown to provide information on acoustic modes of polymeric lines fabricated by nanoimprint lithography. Finite-element methods for modeling such modes are presented here. These methods provide ...

235. Chemical Imaging of Drug Eluting Coatings: Combining Surface Analysis and Confocal Raman Microscopy
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 3/1/2008
Authors: A M Belu, Christine M. Mahoney, Klaus Wormuth
Abstract: Chemical images of the surfaces and the interiors of coatings of rapamycin in poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) obtained by mass spectrometry and light scattering methods reveal a three dimensional picture of the chemical morphology of drug elutin ...

236. 3-Dimensional Compositional Analysis in Drug Eluting Stent (DES) Coatings Using Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Cluster SIMS)
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 2/1/2008
Authors: Christine M. Mahoney, A M Belu, Albert J. Fahey
Abstract: Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (cluster SIMS) employing an SF5+ polyatomic primary ion sputter source in conjunction with a Bi3+ analysis source was used to obtain 3-dimensional molecular information in polymeric-based drug eluting stent (DE ...

237. High-performance carbon nanotube coatings for high-power laser radiometry
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 1/3/2008
Authors: Krishna Ramadurai, Christopher L Cromer, Laurence A. Lewis, Katie Hurst, Anne Dillon, Roop Mahajan, John H Lehman
Abstract: Radiometry for the next generation of high-efficiency, high-power industrial lasers requires thermal management at optical power levels exceeding 10 kW. Laser damage and thermal transport present fundamental challenges for laser radiometry in suppo ...

238. Multi-Probe Assembly
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 12/31/2007
Authors: John Wason, William Gressick, J Wen, Jason John Gorman, Nicholas G Dagalakis
Abstract: This paper describes the algorithm development and experimental results of a multi-probe micro-assembly system. The experimental testbed consists of two actuated probes, an actuated die stage, and vision feedback. The kinematics relationships for th ...

239. NIST Program to Support Testing and Evaluation of Trace Explosive Detection
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 10/1/2007
Authors: R Michael Verkouteren, John G Gillen, Jennifer R Verkouteren, Robert A Fletcher, Eric S Windsor, Wayne Smith
Abstract: Trace detection is a primary strategy for thwarting terrorism activities in the US and abroad. The development of effective reference materials and methods for this purpose relies on fundamental knowledge regarding the size, mass, morphologies, and c ...

240. Spring constant calibration of AFM cantilevers with a piezoresistive cantilever transfer standard
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 9/24/2007
Authors: Eric Langlois, G. A. Shaw, J. A. Kramar, Jon Robert Pratt, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: We describe a method to calibrate the spring constants of cantilevers used in atomic force microscopy (AFM) by means of a piezoresistive cantilever. Before use, the piezoresistive cantilever was calibrated with an absolute force standard, the NIST el ...

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