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231. Measurements of Air Jet Removal Efficiencies of Spherical Particles from Cloth and Planar Surfaces
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 12/1/2008
Authors: Robert A Fletcher, Nathanael Briggs, Erin Ferguson, John G Gillen
Abstract: Experiments were conducted to determine particle removal efficiencies from surfaces due to air jet impingement. We utilize monodisperse fluorescent polymer spheres ranging from 1 μm to 45 μm diameter distributed on polycarbonate surfaces ...

232. Electrical Manipulation of Gold Nanoparticles for Microfluidic Applications
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 10/16/2008
Authors: Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Geraldine I. Mijares, Kimberly A Briggman, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: An electrical method to trap and release gold nanoparticles to and from the surface of alkanethiol-modified gold electrodes is presented. When a positive bias versus a Ag/AgCl reference electrode was applied to gold electrodes, negatively-charged go ...

233. Characterization of Probe Dynamic Behaviors in Critical Dimension Atomic Force Microscopy
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 10/15/2008
Authors: Shaw C Feng, Che B. Joung, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Critical Dimension Atomic Force Microscopy (CD-AFM) is a primary means to measure the geometric shapes of walls and trenches on the nanometer scale in laboratories supporting the electronic industry. As the widths of commercially available CD-AFM pro ...

234. Calibration of a Force Feedback Joystick
Series: OTHER
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 8/29/2008
Authors: J H Daruwalla, Nicholas G Dagalakis
Abstract: The objective of this project was to calibrate a commercially available force feedback joystick that could be used for the control of a laser beam optical tweezers test-bed. A calibration box was built to hold the joystick and the load-cell. The joy ...

235. Molecule induced interface states dominate charge transport in Si-alkyl-metal junctions
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 8/26/2008
Authors: Lam H. Yu, Nadine Emily Gergel-Hackett, Christopher D Zangmeister, Christina Ann Hacker, Curt A Richter, James G. Kushmerick
Abstract: Abstract. Semiconductor-molecule-metal junctions consisting of alkanethiol mono- layers self-assembled on both p+ and n¡ type highly doped Si(111)wires contacted with a 10 ¹m Au wire in a crossed-wire geometry are examined. Low temperature transpo ...

236. Green's Function for Multilayers with Interfacial Membrane and Flexural Rigidities
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 8/4/2008
Authors: B. Yang, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: A three-dimensional Green's function for a material system containing general anisotropic and linearly elastic planar multilayers with interfacial membrane and flexural rigidities has been derived. The Stroh formalism and two-dimensional Fourier tran ...

237. Surface-plasmon-enhanced electric fields in two-dimensional arrays of gold nanodisks
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 8/4/2008
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A Kim, Zhandos Utegulov, B. T. Draine
Abstract: Electric-field distributions in two-dimensional arrays of gold nanodisks on Si3N4 membranes are modeled, using the discrete-dipole approximation, as a function of nanodisk diameter (20 − 50 nm), height (10 − 100 nm), ratio of the array sp ...

238. Surface Effects on the Elastic Modulus of Te Nanowires
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 6/17/2008
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, Sergiy Krylyuk, Albert Davydov, Mark D Vaudin, Leonid A Bendersky, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Nondestructive elastic property measurements have been performed on Te nanowires with diameters in the range 20 150 nm. By using contact resonance atomic force microscopy, the elastic indentation modulus perpendicular to the prismatic facets of the n ...

239. Multiscale Green's function for deflection of graphene lattice
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 6/2/2008
Authors: B. Yang, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: Fundamental deflection behavior of an infinite two-dimensional graphene lattice subjected to a transverse point force has been analyzed using lattice statics and the continuum Green's functions. An analytic expression has been derived for the lattice ...

240. Origin of Adhesion in Humid Air
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 4/18/2008
Authors: Doo-In Kim, Jaroslaw Grobelny, Pradeep Narayanan Namboodiri, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: The origin of adhesion at nanoscale contacts in humid air is investigated by pull-off force measurements using atomic force microscopes in controlled environments from ultra-high vacuum through various humidity conditions to water. An equivalent work ...

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