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1. ASCE/SEI 7 Appendix E Proposal: Performance-Based Design Procedures for Fire Effects on Structures
Published: 4/22/2015
Authors: Therese P McAllister, Kevin La Malva, Maria Garlock
Abstract: The ASCE/SEI Technical Committee on Fire Protection was formed in 2012 to support professional structural engineers conducting performance-based design of structural systems for fire effects with guidance documents. The Committee saw a need for an AS ...

2. Community Resilience of the Built Environment
Published: 4/22/2015
Author: Therese P McAllister
Abstract: Buildings, facilities, and infrastructure systems play a key role in the life of a community by supporting housing, business, government, industry, and other vital services. The concept of disaster resilience addresses the way that communities prepar ...

3. Behavior of Unrestrained and Restrained Steel Columns Adjacent to Localized Fire
Published: 12/12/2014
Authors: Chao Zhang, John L Gross, Therese P McAllister, Guo-Qiang Li
Abstract: Steel columns may be exposed to thermal radiation from localized burning of a fire source nearby. Current structural fire design methods are based on uniform heating and, therefore, uniform temperature conditions, and no practicable methods are p ...

4. Response to Comments on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Investigation of the 2001 World Trade Center Fires
Published: 4/15/2014
Authors: Richard George Gann, Anthony P Hamins, Therese P McAllister, Kevin B McGrattan, William M Pitts, Kuldeep R Prasad
Abstract: The editor of a special issue of Fire Technology invited the NIST authors to address the NIST Investigation of the WTC disaster and associated practice and research progress in the 10 years since then. The three published papers are a summary of th ...

5. The Performance of Essential Facilities in Superstorm Sandy
Published: 4/4/2014
Author: Therese P McAllister
Abstract: Superstorm Sandy affected the functionality of a number of essential buildings and facilities in the flooded areas of New York and New Jersey. The flood elevations exceeded design-level floods in many locations, as defined by FIRM maps and codes and ...

6. Modeling of moment connections for structural fire analyses
Published: 3/25/2014
Authors: Mina Samir Seif, Therese P McAllister, Joseph A Main, William E Luecke
Abstract: Performance-based methodologies to evaluate the fire performance of structures are needed to move beyond the prescriptive procedures presently in use, which cannot be used to determine actual structural performance in fire. Analytical methods are nee ...

7. Sensitivity of composite floor system response at elevated temperatures to structural features
Published: 1/1/2014
Author: Therese P McAllister
Abstract: The sensitivity of composite floor system response at elevated temperatures to variations in structural features is examined. Four structural features were varied between two values or conditions, based on a recommendation from the NIST investigation ...

8. Structural Design for Disaster Resilience
Published: 10/28/2013
Authors: Fahim Sadek, Joseph A Main, John L Gross, Therese P McAllister
Abstract: This paper presents a brief overview of research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on disaster resilience of buildings, infrastructure, and communities, including component programs and projects. NIST‰s efforts aim at deve ...

9. Lateral torsional buckling of steel W-beams subjected to localized fires
Published: 9/1/2013
Authors: Chao Zhang, John L Gross, Therese P McAllister
Abstract: Current design approaches to assess the lateral torsional buckling capacity of steel beams in fire are based on the assumption of uniform steel temperature. This paper investigates the effect of temperature gradients on the lateral torsional buckling ...

10. Structural design for fire conditions: reliability-based resistance criteria
Published: 5/4/2013
Authors: Therese P McAllister, Bruce Ellingwood
Abstract: The new paradigm of performance-based fire engineering (PBFE), with its systematic approach to identifying building performance objectives, quantitative structural analysis to verify that these objectives have been achieved, and management of uncerta ...

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