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71. Statistical Analysis of Partial Discharge Phenomena - Time of Occurrence Distributions
Published: 10/1/1998
Authors: X. Han, Nathanael A Heckert, James J Filliben, Yicheng Wang
Abstract: This paper presents time-of-occurrence (phase) distributions of individual pulsating partial discharges (PDs) which occur in a point-dielectric gap in air for ac voltage conditions. It is determined that the pulse phase distribution is adequately mo ...

72. Statistical Approaches in the NIST World Trade Center Analysis
Published: 10/1/2005
Author: James J Filliben
Abstract: The Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster is currently essentially completed. The pre-collapse progression was extremely complicated, with structural, thermal, dynamic and stochastic interdependencies acro ...

73. Statistical Prediction of Sealant Modulus Change due to Outdoor Weathering
Published: 10/17/2013
Authors: Christopher C White, Kar T. Tan, Donald Lee Hunston, Adam L Pintar, James J Filliben
Abstract: Recently a statistically based model has been created to predict the change in modulus for a sealant exposed to outdoor weathering. The underlying high precision data supporting this model was obtained using the NIST SPHERE (Simulated Photo degrada ...

74. Stochastic Finite Element Method (FEM) Design of Experiments for Pressure Vessel and Piping (PVP) Decision Making.
Published: 7/3/2006
Authors: Jeffrey T Fong, James J Filliben, Roland deWit, Richard Joel Fields, Barry Bernstein

75. Study of Proposed Internet Congestion-Control Mechanisms
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 500-282
Published: 5/17/2010
Authors: Kevin L Mills, James J Filliben, Dong Yeon Cho, Edward J Schwartz, Daniel Ilya Genin
Abstract: This study describes a coherent set of modeling and analysis methods to investigate the behavior of large distributed systems. The methods are applied to compare several proposed Internet congestion-control mechanisms operating under a wide range of ...

76. Tall Building Response Parameters: Sensitivity Study Based on Orthogonal Factorial Experiment Design Techniques
Published: Date unknown
Authors: James J Filliben, Emil Simiu
Abstract: This work has two objectives. The first objective is to introduce structural engineers to the experiment design technique, whose future applications may include, among others: the total response of tall buildings, and the nonlinear response to failur ...

77. The Limits of Image-Based Optical Metrology
Published: 3/1/2006
Authors: Richard M Silver, Bryan M Barnes, Ravikiran Attota, Jay Shi Jun, James J Filliben, Juan Soto, Michael T. Stocker, P Lipscomb, Egon Marx, Heather J Patrick, Ronald G Dixson, Robert D. Larrabee
Abstract: An overview of the challenges encountered in imaging device-sized features using optical techniques recently developed in our laboratories is presented in this paper.  We have developed a set of techniques we refer to as scatterfield microscopy ...

78. The Optimization of MALDI-TOF-MS for Synthetic Polymer Characterization by Factorial Design
Published: 5/23/2004
Authors: S Wetzel, Charles Martin Guttman, Kathleen M. Flynn, James J Filliben
Abstract: One of the most significant issues in any analytical practice is optimization. Optimization and calibration are key factors in quantitation. In matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS), one of the l ...

79. The Optimization of MALDI-TOF-MS for Synthetic Polymer Characterization by Fractorial Design
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: S Wetzel, Charles Martin Guttman, Kathleen M. Flynn, James J Filliben

80. Thermal Properties of Pyroceram Code 9606
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Daniel Robert Flynn, James H Yen, James J Filliben, Robert R Zarr, E M Hohlfeld
Abstract: In the late 1950s, Corning Glass Works measured the heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal expansion of Pyroceram Code 9606. In the early 1960s the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) measured the thermal diffusivity and the thermal conduct ...

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