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111. Contact-Pad Design for High-Frequency Silicon Measurements
Published: 10/1/2000
Authors: Dylan F Williams, A. C. Byers, V. C. Tyree, David K Walker, J. J. Ou, X. Jin, M. Piket-Moy, C. Hu
Abstract: We measure and compare the electrical parasitics of contact pads of different designs fabricated on silicon integrated circuits and develop a strategy for reducing the parasitics.

112. On-Wafer Measurement of Transmission Lines On Lossy Silicon Substrates
Published: 9/25/2000
Authors: Uwe Arz, Dylan F Williams, Hartmut Grabinski
Abstract: This paper examines broadband measurement techniques for electrical properties of planar transmission lines built on lossy silicon substrates. We start by investigating the performance of a new formulation of the calibration com-parison method which ...

113. Computation of Causal Characteristic Impedances
Published: 6/12/2000
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Ronald Curtis Wittmann
Abstract: We develop a numerical method of determining the magnitude of characteristic impedance required by causal power-normalized circuit theories from its phase using a Hilbert-transform relationship. We also estimate the uncertainty in the method.

114. Characterization of Asymmetric Coupled CMOS Lines
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Uwe Arz, Dylan F Williams, David K Walker, J. E. Rogers, M. Rudack, D. Treytner, Hartmut Grabinski
Abstract: This paper investigates the properties of asymmetric coupled lines built in a 0.25 5m CMOS technology in the frequency range of 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz. We show that the frequency-dependent line parameters extracted from callibrated four-port S-parameter ...

115. Coplanar-Waveguide-to-Microstrip Transition Model
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Wojciech Wiatr, David K Walker, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We develop a novel four-port equivalent circuit for a coplanar-waveguide-to-microstrip transition using a finite-difference time-domain analysis. The lumped model accounts for mutual inductive coupling and works well up to about 30 GHz.

116. Realistic Sampling-Circuit Model for a Nose-to-Nose Simulation
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Donald C. DeGroot
Abstract: We extend previously developed oscilloscope sampler models to include realistic circuit characteristics and use these models to investigate the nose-to-nose calibration technique.

117. Causality and Characteristic Impedance
Published: 12/2/1999
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Bradley K Alpert
Abstract: A new causal power-normalized waveguide equivalent-circuit theory fixes both the magnitude and phase of the characteristic impedance of a waveguide.

118. Influence of the Substrate Resistivity on the Broadband Propagation Characteristics of Silicon Transmission Lines
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: Uwe Arz, Hartmut Grabinski, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: This work investigates the broadband propagation characteristics of transmission lines fabricated on silicon substrates of different conductivities. We compare calculations to measurements and examine the sensitivity of the frequency-dependent line p ...

119. Nose-to-Nose Response of a 20-GHz Sampling Circuit
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Catherine A Remley, Donald C. DeGroot
Abstract: We use SPICE simulations to determine a response function of a two-diode 20-GHz sampling circuit. We explore the validity of the SPICE simulations in a variety of operational conditions and examine differences between the actual response of an impeda ...

120. Sources of Error in Coplanar-Waveguide TRL Calibrations
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: Raian K. Kaiser, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: This paper explores the impact of five sources of systematic error on coplanar waveguide thru-reflect-line calibrations.

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