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1. A Green Laser Pointer Hazard
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1668
Published: 8/2/2010
Authors: Jemellie Galang, Alessandro Restelli, Edward W Hagley, Charles W Clark
Abstract: An inexpensive green laser pointer was found to emit 20 mW of infrared radiation during normal use. This is potentially a serious hazard that would not be noticed by most users of such pointers. We find that the problem derives from an unsafe desig ...

2. Avalanche discrimination and high-speed counting in periodically gated single-photon avalanche diodes
Published: 5/1/2012
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang
Abstract: We discuss avalanche discrimination in a periodically-gated InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diode. We investigate the interrelation between the minimum detectable avalanche charge and the detection efficiency, and we show that the technical so ...

3. Efficient single-spatial-mode periodically-poled KTiOPO4 waveguide source for high-dimensional entanglement-based quantum key distribution
Published: 11/14/2012
Authors: Tian Zhong, Franco N.C. Wong, Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang
Abstract: We demonstrate generation of high-purity photon pairs at 1560 nm in a single spatial mode from a periodically-poled KTiOPO4 (PPKTP)waveguide. With nearly-lossless spectral filtering, the PPKTP waveguide source shows approximately 80 % single-m ...

4. Gigahertz-gated InGaAs SPAD system with avalanche charge sensitivity approaching the fundamental limit
Published: 5/29/2013
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We present an InGaAs/InP single-photon detection system operating at 1.25 GHz with detection efficiency above 50 % and per-gate afterpulse probability, measured 24.8 ns after an avalanche, below 0.2 %. The high efficiency and low afterpulse probabili ...

5. Photon-efficient high-dimensional quantum key distribution
Published: 2/4/2015
Authors: Tian Zhong, Hongchao Zhou, Robert D Horansky, Catherine Lee, Varun Boehm Verma, Adriana E Lita, Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Richard P Mirin, Thomas Gerrits, Sae Woo Nam, Francesco Marsili, Zhenshen Zhang, Ligong Wang, Dirk Englund, Gregory Wornell, Jeffrey Shapiro, Franco N.C. Wong
Abstract: Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a secure communication technology whose security is guaranteed by the laws of physics. However, its widespread use has been hindered in part by low secure-key throughput due to the inherent loss and de-coherence ...

6. Programmable Instrumentation & GHz Signaling for Quantum Communication Systems
Published: 4/30/2009
Authors: Alan Mink, Joshua C Bienfang, Robert J. Carpenter, Lijun Ma, Barry J. Hershman, Alessandro Restelli, Xiao Tang
Abstract: We discussed custom instrumentation for high-speed single photon metrology. We focus on the difficulty of GHz data sampling and provide some techniques on how to accomplish it. We also discuss the benefits of field programmable gate arrays as the bas ...

7. Quantum key distribution at GHz transmission rates
Published: 2/11/2008
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan Mink, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Quantum key distribution (QKD) channels are typically realized by transmitting and detecting single photons, and therefore suffer from dramatic reductions in throughput due to both channel loss and noise. These shortcomings can be mitigated by applyi ...

8. Semiconductor-based detectors
Published: 12/13/2013
Authors: Sergio Cova, Massimo Ghioni, Mark A. Itzler, Joshua C Bienfang, Alessandro Restelli
Abstract: There is nowadays a widespread and growing interest in low-level light detection and imaging. This interest is driven by the need for high sensitivity in various scientific and industrial applications such as fluorescence spectroscopy in life and ma ...

9. Single-photon detection efficiency up to 50% at 1310 nm with an InGaAs/InP avalanche diode gated at 1.25 GHz
Published: 4/10/2013
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We describe a gated Geiger-mode single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) detection system in which both gating and avalanche discrimination are implemented by coherent addition of discrete harmonics of the fundamental gate frequency. With amplitude a ...

10. Time-domain measurements of afterpulsing in InGaAs/InP SPAD gated with sub-nanosecond pulses
Published: 5/28/2012
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We experimentally investigate afterpulsing in an InGaAs single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) operating in the biasing and sensing regime of periodic-gating techniques. These techniques support single-photon counting at rates in the 100 MHz range ...

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