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11. Mixed Refrigerants for a Glass Capillary Micro Cryogenic Cooler
Published: 4/24/2010
Authors: Mu Hong Lin, Peter E Bradley, Marcia L Huber, Ryan John Lewis, Ray Radebaugh, Yung-Cheng Lee
Abstract: Optimized mixed refrigerants are applied in Joule-Thomson (JT) micro cryogenic coolers (MCC) to enhance efficiency. Mixed refrigerants deliver equivalent refrigeration power with much lower pressure ratio and flow rate compared to pure nitrogen r ...

12. Diagnostics and Optimization of a Miniature High Frequency Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Isaac Garaway, Alexander Veprik, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: A miniature, high energy density, Pulse Tube cryocooler has been developed, tested, diagnosed and optimized to provide appropriate cooling for size-limited cryogenic applications demanding fast cool down. This cryocooler, originally designed using R ...

13. Investigation of Flow Nonuniformities in a Large 50 K Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Michael A Lewis, Ryan P. Taylor, Ray Radebaugh, Isaac Garaway, Peter E Bradley
Abstract: A single stage pulse tube cryocooler was optimized to provide 50 W of net refrigeration power at 50 K when driven by a pressure oscillator that can produce up to 2.8 kW of acoustic power at 60 Hz. The cryocooler was designed with the ability to provi ...

14. Cryocoolers: State of the art and recent developments
Published: 3/31/2009
Author: Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: Cryocooler performance and reliability are continually improving. Consequently, they are more and more frequently implemented by physicists in their laboratory experiments or for commercial and space applications. The five types of cryocoolers most ...

15. Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Rapid Cooldown of A Superconducting Magnet
Published: 6/9/2008
Authors: Michael A Lewis, Ryan Pierce Taylor, Peter E Bradley, Isaac Garaway, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: A single-stage pulse tube cryocooler was designed to provide rapid cooldown of a high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet that is part of a gyrotron required for the generation of a high-power mm-wave (95 GHz) beams. These beams are used in the ...

16. Impedance Measurements of Inertance Tubes at High Frequency and Pressure
Published: 7/16/2007
Authors: Michael A Lewis, Ryan Pierce Taylor, Peter E Bradley, Ray Radebaugh, Gershon Grossman, Zhihua Gan
Abstract: Previous comparisons between measured and calculated inertance tube impedance were made at frequencies below 70 Hz and average pressures below 3 MPa. In this paper, we present results on similar comparisons for frequencies up to 150 Hz and average pr ...

Published: 7/16/2007
Authors: Srinivas Vanapalli, Michael A Lewis, Gershon Grossman, Zhihua Gan, Ray Radebaugh, H.J. M. ter Brake
Abstract: High frequency operation of a pulse tube cryocooler leads to reduced regenerator volume, which results in a reduced heat capacity and a faster cooldown time. A pulse tube cryocooler operating at a frequency of 120 Hz and an average pressure of 3.5 MP ...

Published: 4/3/2007
Authors: Yonghua Huang, G.B. Chen, V. Arp, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: Experimental data of the thermophysical properties of 3He were mined into a searchable database. Equilibrium equations along the vapor-liquid and liquid-solid lines were proposed. A general equation of state for normal fluid 3He based on the Debye sp ...

Published: 4/2/2007
Authors: V. Arp, Yonghua Huang, Ray Radebaugh, G.B. Chen
Abstract: We describe a new form of a fluid state equation, based on a conceptual extrapolation from the Debye equation for the specific heat of solid materials. The Debye characteristic temperature, theta, which is nominally a constant for solids, becomes a f ...

20. 120Hz Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Fast Cooldown to 50K
Published: 2/13/2007
Authors: Srinivas Vanapalli, Michael A Lewis, Zhihua Gan, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: A pulse tube cryocooler operating at 120 Hz with 3.5 MPa average pressure achieved a no-load temperature of about 49.9 K and a cooldown time to 80 K of 5.5 minutes. The net refrigeration power at 80 K was 3.35 W with an efficiency of about 22.6% of C ...

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