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11. Back-End-of-Line Test Structure Design and Simulation for Subsurface Metrology with Scanning Probe Microscopy
Published: 12/13/2013
Authors: Lin You, Emily Hitz, Jungjoon Ahn, Yaw S Obeng, Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: As demands in the semiconductor industry call for further miniaturization and performance enhancement of electronic systems, the traditional planar (2D) electronic interconnection and packaging technologies show their difficulties in meeting the ...

12. Contact Potential Measurements on Nano-particle embedded AlGaN/Metal Interface Using Kelvin Force Microscopy
Published: 12/11/2013
Authors: Jungjoon Ahn, Min-Seok Kang, Lin You, Joseph J Kopanski, Sang-Mo Koo
Abstract: AlGaN/GaN Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) have received much attention for high power and high- frequency applications because of the high breakdown field in the wide band gap semiconductor. Schottky contacts with tunable barrier height (ΦB) b ...

13. Charge-Based Capacitance Measurements Circuits for Interface With Atomic Force Microscope Probes
Published: 3/25/2013
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Chong Jiang, Michael Lorek, Timothy Kohler, Curt A Richter
Abstract: The charge based capacitance measurement (CBCM) technique is highly sensitive to small capacitances and capable integration of onto an AFM tip, thereby reducing stray and wire capacitance to the bare minimum. The CBCM technique has previous been appl ...

14. Measurement Science for "More-Than-Moore" Technology Reliability Assessments
Published: 10/12/2012
Authors: Chukwudi Azubuike Okoro, Jungjoon Ahn, Meagan V. Kelso, Pavel Kabos, Joseph J Kopanski, Yaw S Obeng
Abstract: In this paper, we will present an overview of metrology issues and some of the techniques currently under development in our group at NIST, aimed at understanding some of the potential performance limiting issues in such highly integrated systems ...

15. Metrology for Nanosystems and Nanoelectronics Reliability Assessments
Published: 8/20/2012
Authors: Yaw S Obeng, Chukwudi Azubuike Okoro, Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: The traditional models and techniques for studying reliability in integrated circuits may not be appropriate for nanoelectronics and nanosystems. In this paper, we present an overview of a number of materials and metrology techniques currently un ...

16. Calibration Techniques for Scanning Microwave Microscopy
Published: 7/1/2012
Authors: Thomas M Wallis, Atif A. Imtiaz, Alexandra E Curtin, Pavel Kabos, H. P. Huber, Joseph J Kopanski, F. Kienberger
Abstract: Two techniques are described for calibrating a scanning microwave microscope (SMM). The first technique enables spatially-resolved absolute capacitance measurements on the attofarad-to-femtofarad scale. The second technique enables profiling or dop ...

17. Calibrated nanoscale dopant profiling using a scanning microwave microscope.
Published: 1/3/2012
Authors: Pavel Kabos, Thomas M Wallis, H P. Hubner, I. Humer, M. Hochleitner, M. Fenner, M. Moertelmaier, C. Rankl, Atif A. Imtiaz, H. Tanbakuchi, P. Hinterdorfer, J. Smoliner, Joseph J Kopanski, F. Kienberger
Abstract: The scanning microwave microscope (SMM) is used for calibrated capacitance spectroscopy and spatially resolved dopant profiling measurements. It consists of an atomic force microscope (AFM) combined with a vector network analyzer operating between 1- ...

18. Enhanced Spatial Resolution Electrical Scanning Probe Microscopy By Using Carbon Nanotube Terminated Tips
Published: 11/18/2011
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Ilona Sitnitsky, Victor H. Vartanian, Paul McClure, Vladimir Mancevski
Abstract: Electrical scanning probe microscopes, such as the scanning capacitance microscope (SCM) for two dimensional dopant profiling, scanning Kelvin force microscope (SKFM) for surface potential measurements, and the tunneling atomic force microscope (TUNA ...

19. Spectroscopic charge pumping investigation of the amphoteric nature of Si/SiO2 interface states
Published: 6/6/2011
Authors: Jason T Ryan, Liangchun (Liangchun) Yu, Jae Han, Joseph J Kopanski, Kin P Cheung, Fei Zhang, Chen Wang, Jason P Campbell, John S Suehle
Abstract: The amphoteric nature of Si/SiO2 interface states in submicron sized metal-oxide-silicon-field-effect-transistors is observed using an enhanced spectroscopic charge pumping method. The method‰s simplicity and high sensitivity makes it a powerful too ...

20. Flexible Memristors Fabricated through Sol-Gel Hydrolysis
Published: 5/4/2011
Authors: Joseph Leo Tedesco, Nadine Gergel-Hackett, Laurie Stephey, Madelaine Herminia Hernandez, Andrew A Herzing, Lee J Richter, Christina Ann Hacker, Joseph J Kopanski, Jan Obrzut, Curt A Richter

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