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1. Anomalous Friction in Suspended Graphene
Published: 9/20/2012
Authors: Alexander Y Smolyanitsky, Jason Philip Killgore
Abstract: Since the discovery of the Amonton's law and with support of modern tribological models, friction between surfaces of three-dimensional materials is known to generally increase when the surfaces are in closer contact. Here, using molecular dynamics s ...

2. Broadband frequency-dependent material property measurements with the atomic force microscope
Published: 6/8/2015
Authors: Ryan B Wagner, Jason Philip Killgore
Abstract: The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a widely utilized instrument for measuring nanometer-scale variations in mechanical properties. Most AFM techniques only measure these properties at a single high frequency (e.g. hundreds of kHz on resonance) ...

3. Characterizing the Free and Surface-Coupled Vibrations of Heated-Tip Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers
Published: 8/6/2014
Authors: Jason Philip Killgore, Ryan C. Tung, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: Combining heated-tip atomic force microscopy (HT-AFM) with quantitative methods for determining surface mechanical properties creates an avenue for nanoscale thermomechanical property characterization. For nanomechanical methods that employ an a ...

4. Detection of Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilever Displacement with a Transmitted Electron Beam
Published: 7/29/2016
Authors: Ryan B Wagner, Taylor J Woehl, Robert R Keller, Jason Philip Killgore
Abstract: Cantilever motion in atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems is typically measured with an optical lever system. The response time of AFM cantilevers can be decreased by reducing the size of the cantilever; however, the fastest AFM cantilevers are ...

5. Dynamic contact AFM methods for nanomechanical properties
Published: 12/1/2013
Authors: Donna C. Hurley, Jason Philip Killgore
Abstract: This chapter focuses on two atomic force microscopy (AFM) methods for nanomechanical characterization: force modulation microscopy (FMM) and contact resonance (CR) techniques. FMM and CR methods share several common features that distinguish them fro ...

6. Effect of elastic deformation on frictional properties of few-layer graphene
Published: 1/9/2012
Authors: Alexander Y Smolyanitsky, Jason Philip Killgore, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: We describe the results of Brownian dynamics (BD) simulations of an AFM tip scanned on locally suspended few-layer graphene. The effects of surface compliance and sample relaxation are directly related to the observed friction force. We demonstrate t ...

7. Engineering Plant Cell Walls: Tuning Lignin Monomer Composition for Deconstructable Biofuels Feedstocks or Resilient Biomaterials
Published: 2/27/2014
Authors: Peter Ciesielski, Michael Resch, Barron Hewetson, Jason Philip Killgore, Alexandra E Curtin, Nick Anderson, Ann Chiaramonti Chiaramonti Debay, Donna C. Hurley, Aric Warner Sanders, Michael Himmel, Clint Chapple, Nathan Mosier, Bryon Donohoe
Abstract: Advances in genetic manipulation of the biopolymers that compose plant cell walls will facilitate more efficient production of biofuels and chemicals from biomass and lead to specialized biomaterials with tailored properties. Here we investigate ...

8. Hydrodynamic Corrections to Contact Resonance Force Microscopy Measurements of Viscoelastic Loss Tangent
Published: 7/9/2013
Authors: Ryan C. Tung, Jason Philip Killgore, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: We present a method to improve accuracy in measurements of nanoscale viscoelastic material properties with contact resonance (CR) AFM methods. Through the use of the two-dimensional hydrodynamic function, we obtain a more precise estimate of the flu ...

9. In-Situ Measurement of Atomic Force Microscope Tip Wear by Contact Resonance Force Microscopy
Published: 3/15/2011
Authors: Jason Philip Killgore, Roy H. Geiss, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: Contact resonance force microscopy (CR-FM) mapping provides a means of continuously tracking contact stiffness while scanning an AFM tip in contact with a substrate. Because the contact stiffness is a function of contact radius, tip wear leading to ...

10. Liquid Contact Resonance Atomic Force Microscopy Via Experimental Reconstruction of the Hydrodynamic Function
Published: 6/11/2014
Authors: Ryan C. Tung, Jason Philip Killgore, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: We present an experimental method, based on analytical hydrodynamic theory, to accurately predict the inertial and viscous fluid loading forces at arbitrary frequencies in a contact resonance atomic force microscope system. Knowledge of the flui ...

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