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41. Phase Transitions of a Polymer Threading a Membrane: Character of the Transition When the Molecule can Undergo a Helix-Random Coil or an Equilibrium Polymerization Transition
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Edmund Armando DiMarzio, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: The polymer threading a membrane transition (PTM) which is a first-order thermodynamic phase transition for an isolated linear polymer in the limit of infinite molecular weight is coupled to the helix to random coil (HRC) transition and to the polyme ...

42. Nanometer-Scale Pores: Potential Applications for Analyte Detection and DNA Characterization
Published: 10/1/2002
Author: John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: Several classes of transmembrane protein ion channels function in vivo as sensitive and selective detection elements for analytes. Recent studies on single channels reconstituted into planar lipid bilayer membranes suggest that nanometer-scale pores ...

43. Using HMMs to Quantify Signals from DNA Driven Through a Nanometer Scale Pore
Published: 10/1/2002
Authors: Vincent M Stanford, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: It was recently shown that individual molecules of single-stranded DNA can be forced through a nanoscale pore by an electric field. We demonstrate signal processing methods to detect and measure sub-states in the DNA-induced current blockades during ...

44. Charged Polymer Membrane Translocation
Published: 8/22/2002
Authors: T Ambjornsson, S. P. Apell, Z Konkoli, E A Di Marzio, John J Kasianowicz

45. Mechanism of Ionic Current Blockades During Polymer Transport Through Pores of Nanometer Dimensions
Published: 6/1/2002
Authors: D W Deamer, H Olsen, M Akeson, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: Linear anionic polymers driven through the {alpha}-hemolysin channel produce ionic current blockades. Three parameters of the blockades can be measured, including blockade amplitude, duration and modulations of amplitude within a single event to tes ...

46. Physics of DNA Threading Through a Nanometer Pore and Applications to Simultaneous Multianalyte Sensing
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: John J Kasianowicz, S. E. Henrickson, Martin Misakian, H H. Weetall, B Robertson, Vincent M Stanford
Abstract: Polymer transport is central to many biological processes, including protein translocation, bacterial gene transduction and some modes of viral infection. To better understand the mechanisms of macromolecular transport, we are studying the ability o ...

47. Frequency Response of Alternating Currents through the Staphylococcus aureus hemolysin Ion Channel
Published: 10/1/2001
Authors: Martin Misakian, John J Kasianowicz, S Robertson, O. Petersons

48. Frequency response of alternating currents through the Staphylococcus aureus {alpha}-hemolysin ion channel
Published: 10/1/2001
Authors: Martin Misakian, John J Kasianowicz, B Robertson, Oskars Petersons Dr

49. Simultaneous Multianalyte Detection with a Nanometer-Scale Pore
Published: 5/15/2001
Authors: John J Kasianowicz, S. E. Henrickson, H H. Weetall, B Robertson

50. Reconstitution of the Pore-Forming Toxin {alpha}-Hemolysin in Phospholipid/18-Octadecyl-1-thiahexa(ethylene oxide) and Phospholipid/n-Octadecanethiol Supported Bilayer Membranes
Published: 12/26/2000
Authors: S. A. Glazier, David J Vanderah, Anne L Plant, H Bayley, Gintaras Valincius, John J Kasianowicz

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