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151. Comparisons of Soot Volume Fraction Measurements Using Optical and Isokinetic Sampling Techniques
Published: 10/25/1993
Authors: M. Y. Choi, George William Mulholland, Anthony P Hamins, Takashi Kashiwagi
Abstract: In a previous study, the performance of a three-line optical probe technique for measuring soot volume fraction and temperature was assessed by conducting experiments in the path-invariant environment of a premixed flame. In that study, the temperatu ...

152. Simultaneous Optical Measurement of Soot Volume Fraction and Temperature in Heptane Pool Fires
Published: 10/25/1993
Authors: M. Y. Choi, Anthony P Hamins, H. Rushmeier, Takashi Kashiwagi
Abstract: In large pool fires radiative heat transfer governs the burning and flame spread rates and therefore is a key factor in assessing potential fire hazards. The radiative heat feedback from the flame to the fuel surface is controlled by the temperature ...

153. Agent Screening for Halon 1301 Aviation Replacement
Published: 10/20/1993
Authors: William L Grosshandler, Richard George Gann, Anthony P Hamins, Marc R. Nyden, William M Pitts, Jiann C Yang, Michael Russel Zachariah
Abstract: A comprehensive experimental program is described in which eleven gaseous agents and sodium bicarbonate powder have been screened, so that the best three candidates for subsequent full-scale aircraft fire extinguishment evaluation can be identified. ...

154. Structure of Inhibited Counterflowing Nonpremixed Flames
Published: 5/11/1993
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, M H Yang, I K Puri
Abstract: Recent international agreements call for a halt to the manufacture of CF3Br (Halon 1301), a commonly used halon fire suppressant, due to its high ozone-depletion potential. Ideally, the search for replacement compounds should be guided by fundamental ...

155. Extinction of Inhibited, Stretched and Diluted Counterflowing Flames
Published: 3/15/1993
Authors: M H Yang, I K Puri, Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: It has been shown that a criteria for flame extinction can be described by the Damkohler Number which is the ratio of a characteristic flow or diffusion time to a characteristic chemical reaction time. As the Damkohler Number is reduced the fuel burn ...

156. Simultaneous Optical Measurement of Soot Volume Fraction and Temperature
Published: 3/15/1993
Authors: M. Y. Choi, Anthony P Hamins, Takashi Kashiwagi
Abstract: Radiative heat transfer processes in large fires govern the burning rate, the flame spread rate and the potential for fire hazards. These processes are controlled by the detailed structure of the fire, primarily the temperature and soot distributions ...

157. Soot
Published: 1/1/1993
Author: Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: The major source of carbonaceous soot released into the environment is from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and other organic matter. Principal sources of soot emissions are coal burning furnaces, refuse burning, code production processes, ...

158. Behavior of Primary Radicals During Thermal Degradation of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)
Published: 10/11/1988
Authors: Takashi Kashiwagi, A Inabi, Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: The behavior of the primary radicals formed from the random scission of anionically polymerized poly(methyl methacrylate). PMMA, during thermal degradation is investigated by a theoretical and experimental study. The theoretically calculated relation ...

159. Measurements and Simulations of Low Strain Rate Non-Premixed Methane Flame Extinction
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Matthew F Bundy, C B Oh
Abstract: The extinction and structure of non-premixed flames were investigated through the comparison of experiments and calculations using a counterflow configuration. Experiments were conducted at the NASA Glenn Research Center s 2.2 s drop tower to attain ...

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