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11. Wavelengths, Transition Probabilities, and Energy Levels for the Spectra of Barium (Ba III through Ba LVI)
Published: 11/19/2010
Authors: Jean Ellen Sansonetti, John J Curry
Abstract: Energy levels, with designations and uncertainties, have been compiled for the spectra of barium (Z=56) ions from doubly-ionized to hydrogen-like. Wavelengths with classifications, intensities, and transition probabilities are also tabulated. In addi ...

12. Asymmetrically cut crystal pair as x-ray magnifier for imaging at high intensity laser facilities.
Published: 10/20/2010
Authors: Lawrence T Hudson, Albert Henins, C.I Szabo, Uri Feldman, John F Seely, John J Curry
Abstract: The potential of an x-ray magnifier prepared from a pair of asymmetrically cut crystals is studied to explore high energy x-ray imaging capabilities at high intensity laser facilities. OMEGA-EP and NIF when irradiating mid and high Z targets can be ...

13. Monte Carlo simulation of photon scattering in x-ray absorption imaging of high-intensity discharge lamps
Published: 5/26/2010
Author: John J Curry
Abstract: Coherent and incoherent scattering of x rays during x-ray absorption imaging of high-intensity discharge lamps have been studied with Monte Carlo simulations developed specifically for this purpose. The Monte Carlo code is described and some init ...

14. Absolute transition probabilities for 559 strong lines of neutral cerium
Published: 6/17/2009
Author: John J Curry
Abstract: Absolute radiative transition probabilities are reported for 559 strong lines of neutral cerium covering the wavelength range 340 nm to 880 nm. These transition probabilities are obtained by scaling published relative line intensities\cite{MCS75} w ...

15. Quantitative X-ray Absorption Imaging With a Broadband Source: Application to High-Intensity Discharge Lamps
Published: 7/4/2008
Author: John J Curry
Abstract: We analyze the case of x-ray absorption imaging in which the x-ray source is broadband and the detector does not provide spectral resolution. Our particular interest is in the observation of the Hg vapor distribution in high-intensity discharge lamps ...

16. X-Ray Induced Fluorescence Measurement of Segregation in a DyI3 Metal-Halide Lamp
Published: 4/19/2007
Authors: T Nimalisuriya, John J Curry, Craig J Sansonetti, E J Ridderhof, S Shastri, A J Flikweert, W W Stoffels, M Haverlag, J JAM van der Mullen
Abstract: X-ray induced fluorescence measurements, using high energy synchrotron radiation generated on the Sector 1 Insertion Device beamline at the Advanced Photon Source, were performed on a metal-halide lamp containing Hg and DyI$_{3}$. Density distributio ...

17. Temperature Profiles and Thermal Losses in 150 Watt High-Intensity Discharge Lamps
Published: 8/19/2005
Authors: John J Curry, Craig J Sansonetti, J C.F. Wang
Abstract: A series of 150 W quartz metal-halide test lamps containing four different chemistries has been studied with optical emission spectroscopy and x-ray absorption imaging. The four chemistries are pure Hg, Hg-HgI$_2$, Hg-NaI, and Hg-NaI-DyI$_3$. Core t ...

18. X-Ray Absorption Imaging of High-Pressure Lighting Plasmas
Published: 4/1/2005
Authors: John J Curry, Craig J Sansonetti
Abstract: X-ray absorption has been used to image the distribution of Hg in high-pressure arc lamps used for lighting (Curry, Sansonetti, and Wang, in progress). Here, several images are presented showing the analytic transformation of raw x-ray data into an i ...

19. Temperature profiles and thermal losses in 150 W high-intensity discharge lamps
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: John J Curry, Craig J Sansonetti, J C.F. Wang

20. X-Ray Absorption Imaging of High-Pressure Lighting Plasmas
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: John J Curry, Craig J Sansonetti

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