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11. Ontology Development For Low-Energy Building Embedded Commissioning
Published: 11/17/2009
Authors: Kwang Jun Lee, Omer Akin, Burcu Akinci, James Garrett, Steven T Bushby
Abstract: This paper presents the results of initial work in developing an ontology for improving information exchange and automation in building system commissioning practices. In our previous research dealing with the derivation of product models from buildi ...

12. BACnet and the Smart Grid
Published: 11/1/2009
Authors: David G Holmberg, Steven T Bushby
Abstract: The future Smart Grid will be a transformation of the current electric grid. The key enablers for this transformation will be dynamic rates and the ability for customers and the utility to communicate and respond in real time. This in turn will produ ...

13. The Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed-A Building Emulator
Published: 7/16/2009
Authors: Steven T Bushby, Michael A Galler, Natascha Sylvia Milesi-Ferretti, Cheol D. Park
Abstract: Building emulators couple computer simulations to real control hardware, creating a useful tool for studying building control system performance. The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed (VCBT) is a ...

14. Advancing Automated Demand Response Technology
Published: 1/28/2009
Authors: Steven T Bushby, David G Holmberg
Abstract: For several years electric utilities have implemented a wide variety of programs to curtail load in times of stress on the electricity distribution grid or on generating capacity. Although these programs have shared a common goal of reducing peak ele ...

15. Building Networks and Public Safety Communications
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1608
Published: 11/18/2008
Authors: David G Holmberg, Stephen J. Treado, William D. Davis, Steven T Bushby, Alan B. Vinh, Michael A Galler, R Vettori
Abstract: The Building Networks and Public Safety Communications project has three components: (1) addressing feasibility of using building networks for bridging first responder radio communications into buildings, (2) recommending changes to the SAFECOM State ...

16. BACnet for Utilities and Metering
Published: 4/1/2008
Authors: David G Holmberg, Steven T Bushby, James J Butler
Abstract: The BACnet standard has been expanded to include new object types that are intended for metering and demand management applications, as well as a web services specification that allows any outside service provider access to BAS data. Since the most c ...

17. A Performance Analysis of BACnet Local Area Networks
Published: 3/1/2008
Authors: W Song, S Hong, Steven T Bushby

18. Authentication and Authorization of Building Information Users in BACnet
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1615
Published: 1/1/2008
Authors: Stephen J. Treado, Alan B. Vinh, Steven T Bushby
Abstract: Building automation systems frequently monitor critical building information that would be extremely useful for emergency responders including the status of alarms, locations of occupants, temperature, and air quality conditions. Emergency response c ...

19. BACnet Measures Up
Published: 11/1/2007
Author: Steven T Bushby
Abstract: BACnet was developed to enable integration of building automation and control products from multiple vendors and to allow building owners the freedom to by products based on price and performance, rather than compatibility with currently installed bu ...

20. BACnetRG Measures Up.
Published: 11/1/2007
Author: Steven T Bushby
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has two campus facilities, the main one in Gaithersburg, MD, near Washington, D.C., and a smaller facility in Boulder, Colo. The Gaithersburg facility is 234 hectares (578 acres) and has more ...

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